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  1. Maybe, but if a 9 is 2400, how much is an 8 worth? 1500? 1000? Either way, a helluva lot more than it was before today.
  2. Tonight's big winner! I'm not sure which is more impressive, this or the Bioshock Infinite for $1k EDIT: Oops, seems I was beaten to this one
  3. Nice! Did you go with the eggshell color, or are you more of a bone kind of guy?
  4. Ima buy some of these and send all the Mews to WATA, then I'll be rich!
  5. Maybe the sports collectors don't go for the Marios/Zeldas/Pokemons and instead prefer the Mortal Kombats/Tony Hawks of the world? I mean, I have no idea what I'm talking about here, all I know is if this happens in the next one where they will apparently have more of the "reasonably-priced" games, I will be buying up a ton of them Side note, not exactly sure how they are calculating the final price after BP, because it looks like they are overcharging. SM64 here should be $650k * 1.2 = $780k after BP.
  6. Ok, i take back what i said on the VGA 95 Mario 64 before. There is way more than enough room for the buyer to make a bunch of money on it if they cross it to WATA and then send it to HA, even if it gets a lower grade.
  7. Who donates stuff like this? At least it's not: https://www.pcmag.com/news/goodwill-sells-sealed-copy-of-nes-legend-of-zelda-for-411k
  8. Wow, look at those negatives How are they even still on ebay? Thanks, I blocked this person. EDIT: looks like they've sold a number of dirt cheap games to pad their feedback
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