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RIP Ron Popeil


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1 hour ago, arch_8ngel said:

I thought he was best known for Pasta Magic?

I think it was called Pasta Maker.   This probably reflects (and this is one of those things where there is no right answer) the age difference between  us as the Pasta Maker was mostly an extended infomercial campaign while the earlier pocket fisherman was a straight tv commercial (before infomercials got really big) .

A somewhat related phenomena I remember  were the exhibition halls at the Minnesota State Fair when I was a lot younger - vendors would set up stalls where they demonstrated all sorts of odd merchandise via  extended spiels.  One of the things I remember getting was this paste/cleaner you could put on your eyeglasses that would prevent them from from fogging up.  Which was surprisingly useful in Minnesota winters when eyeglasses were glass rather than plastic.  As far as  I know they still do this at the annual Denver Stock Show.

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