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Broken/Defective Cartridges - What to Do?

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Hey all, so I recently received a few "bad" cartridges/games - first time I've had a bad experience in a long time, suppose it was due...

Anyway, I also ended up with a defective cartridge from someone from here, so guess it can happen anywhere eh?

My broken/defective NES games

Ninja Turtles
Tetris (otherwise CIB)
Wizards and Warriors

So, what do I do with them? I opened them up, cleaned them up as best I could, but nothing...

In principle I could try to analyze the board and see if I can find anything that's not working, but totally not worth my time. So, what to do? Suggestion? Do people repair these? It's worth so little money I'm just tempted to give them to someone who would be interested in repairing or recycling them... thoughts??

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Do what I did on NA like a decade ago, pop the back off as parts, add a $10~ basic 1AA battery powered clock kit to the mix.  Drill a centered hole through the label enough to get the spinner through, attach the hands, and enjoy.  The kit has a loop in the rear, so it's meant to be hung, but it wouldn't be hard to add a stand as a desk clock.

Shadowbox with some 3D layered cut out work you see some do with it as the center?  Drink coasters?

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2 hours ago, Tulpa said:

How'd you clean them? Did you try methods a little stronger than alcohol? Like Weiman or Deoxit?

Not yet, I may add a bit of rubbing alcohol and do the q-tip thing again...

But, otherwise just not worth my time to try and play with the boards. I'd rather at that point just hand them over to @bowser

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If the contacts are really messed up, you could try a little brasso. But use sparingly as it actually wears away at the pins. Also if you do that, then be VERY diligent about cleaning it all off with alcohol. It often looks like you got it all off, but you’ll notice there’s still some there after it’s all dried

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