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Hey everyone.

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Decided to jump over here due to what happened with Nintendoage. Really sad to lose the million collection badges I attained over time there but looking forward to seeing how this site grows and hopefully I can partake in it somehow. As for information about me, I have a broad respect for gaming of all types and actively game on everything from the Atari 2600 up to the modern systems. I collect on over 40 platforms between the Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, Playstation and Atari range along with some Neo Geo and Turbografx for a little added spice. I spend a lot of energy in keeping my setup up to date, polished and well rounded in order to ensure I can both enjoy looking at it but of course playing on it optimally. I'm always open to share how I setup my stuff and to help others learn how to fix issues they have as well. Hopefully i'll be able to find a happy niche here 😛

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