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"Personal Organizer and Phone Book" for Game Boy

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Yup, it's a bootleg of the other game as was already discussed.

I've got a bootleg with that game as the main feature, as can be seen from the pictures below.

If you're looking to get rid of yours, I'd possibly be interested, usually I try to collect my GB boots boxed, but I don't have this one yet on a solo cart.





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12 hours ago, DefaultGen said:

I had one of those little pocket electronic organizers and thought I was at the peak of technology and organization by having my contacts in it instead of a notebook. Then Palm Pilots became a thing, and HO BOY, I basically became Robocop.

I legit had a Timex Datalink watch. I only had 5 friends I called maybe once a year, but the sheer fact that you synced the data by an optical sensor on the watch, I had to have one because it was the future.


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