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Best option for an original Xbox HDMI upscaler

Rocketship Evan

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2 hours ago, ifightdragons said:

Addendum: If you want an idea of how good an XboxDigital mod will actually be, check out reviews of their previous stuff like DCDigital and PS1Digital on YouTube.

They're also releasing the N64Digital now, and a PS2Digital is upcoming as well.

Thanks, I was not aware of these. I looked up the PS one mod, it was gorgeous looking. Unfortunately right now it's a little expensive for me. I'm also pretty lousy with a soldering iron, I burnt up my last PlayStation trying to mod it….

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Oooooo projector sounds awesome.

Sounds like based on your needs the pound or Doug's suggestion of the level hike cable. Maybe not the ultimate solution for best video quality compared to mods but will work now and well enough.

I am with you on the component though!

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Damn can't believe I missed this thread!

Yeah I am using the Pound cable, it's pretty great all things considered. Only thing it lacks which would be nice is a boost on the Gamma, because a lot of OG XBOX games are pretty dark. But the image is really nice and colorful and clear, if you can handle gaming in 480p in 2021! 😛

Looks like the level hike is basically the same thing, good work! 🙂

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55 minutes ago, ConfusedCollector said:

I couldn't stand the hdmi upscale cables like pound because of the dark picture.  I had an og xbox in high-school and 20 years later, I could immediately see that games didn't look right.  I ended up getting an ossc, which is quite a bit better but on the expensive side. 

The Pound cable is NOT an upscaler, it is literally just passing the native XBOX component signal through to HDMI. There is no picture modification whatsoever, be it upscaling, gamma boost or whatever. The reason it looks dark is because the original XBOX image was intended to be displayed on CRT's which have blooming and automatically brighten the image.

The advantage of the pound cable is its price, ease of use, and zero latency due to the fact it is simply passing through the native signal in its original resolution. I will agree the dark picture can be a drawback, depending on the game, but personally I have no qualms recommending the cable.

On the other hand, I would AVOID upscalers in general, due to the potential for introducing latency, I prefer straight passthrough and/or system modification solutions, personally.

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To be honest I use the term upscale loosely.  I just couldn't get past the fact that some sections in games are so dark the game is unplayable unless you crank the brightness on your TV.  I rank these cables as "better then not playing the game at all".  The ossc on the other hand let's you actually play the game closer to the original look.  Granted, if you're just wanting to play an og xbox for a bit without hard nostalgia googles on, it's a good value proposition over the ossc cost.

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