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SEALED Star Wars game!

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Why, what do we have here? OMG L@@K r@re SEALED Star Wars game? Yes!



Little tear in the top there, but I can SMELL the investment potential... This is a VERY uncommon print of the game, this is the Taiwanese release, NTSC-J format, distributed by EA in this territory. You can see some of the unique attributes of this version here, such as the EA hologram badge, and BEHOLD... The sticker:


There is also some Chinese writing printed on the back, probably making this game worth more than most of you loser's houses:


Anyway, all in all, I think once WATA gets a load of this, you can kiss my fuggin ASS, because I will be (even richer), and you guys will still be poor ha ha ha! 🤑


Let's tear this fucker open and plop 'er in!






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