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Copy and pasted from my first post in another age聽馃槢
Hello all,

聽 I'm an old school NES addict who has forsaken all other systems for my first angular gray love. As I get older and life gets more and more busy, I find that I just don't have the time (or money)聽to play all the great games that are coming out nowadays. After realizing that I was really just trying to recapture that magic and mystery I had playing the NES as a kid I sold EVERYTHING聽but my聽few remaining games聽. Slowly but surely I have been re-collecting all my favorites (CIBs ONLY)聽and discovering all the games I never knew existed back in the day (and kicking the crap out of myself for throwing away all those boxes and booklets. Oh what a young fool I was!).

聽 Now that I have devoted my gaming energies to one and only one system I realize that I don't just want to passively enjoy these classics; I want to create my own! After 10+ years of on and off studying I am... only slightly closer to that goal馃槱 But now I'm here.. so that must count for something!
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8 hours ago, epiclotus said:

Welcome, welcome!聽 I believe your avatar is from Metal Storm.聽 I haven't played it, but I saw that it was getting a re-release on an NES cart through Limited Run Games.聽 Are you planning to pick one of those up?

Yup, preordered the minute it became available!

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