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Things that should be brought to Mars


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Let’s assume you are going to Mars permanently to live out the remainder of your life with a group of two dozen other people. You are allowed to bring 50 pounds of personal items with you. What items would you make absolutely sure to pack with you?



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I’ll start. 

Id definitely bring a game console, flashcart with roms, portable LCD and solar panel usb charger.  And a solid soccer ball that doesn’t deflate. 😂

These definitely sound kinda lame as they are entertainment devices, however the vast backlog of entertainment may possibly keep you sane enough to stay alive.

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Of that 50lbs, if I were to waste any gaming resources on it, I'd probably bring something that could be small, powered from the wall, and anything used with it was minimal for maximum utility.  It probably would end up being something like a GBA SP and an Omega flash kit with a library of whatever on that fat micro card.  One should be mostly busy in such a place, but for those get away mental breaks, having at your fingers the entire native GB, GBC and GBA library to use would be a boon.  And given how good GBA was at emulating 8bit stuff and a bit up, that same kit could have PocketNES, SMSAdvance, PCE Advance thrown on there too.  More than many life times worth of choices, and no worries about the dopey oem battery as long as there was a wall adapter or some conversion module as such to power it from.

Given also internet would be included up there ideally with advancing techology, I doubt I'd bother taking an MP3 player, a kindle for reading, etc as it could all be done on the computer there.  Probably whatever is there now would be enough other than a few personal items/necessities.


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