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Does anyone have a master list of Famicom games and their NES equiv?


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I have a little over 600 unique NES carts, 600 unique Famicom, and 130+ Famicom Disk Games.  I keep track of these in Excel and I'm working a unified workbook, where I have 3 tabs (NES, Famicom, and Famicom Disk System) and a column on each noting the name for Famicom/NES variants (US centric).  Anyone have a good starting point for personal use?  I'm fully aware of the complexities that would popup in creating a grand unified database that can be used as a definitive reference.  This is not my end goal. 

For Famicom I'd like Japanese title using Kanji, Japanese title using English Alphabet, Unique ID (e.g. Super Mario Bros 2 is FMC-SMB), Release date, Publisher, Developer (if available), and if it was released on NES that title as well.  

For Famicom I have a master list with Famicom and the Disk System mixed together but no Kanji and only about 100 NES titles filled in from my personal collection.  I'm happy to share if anyone needs but it's not really set up for others to view.

 If anyone is interested in seeing a comparison of Famicom and NES releases, of the same title, you can see my hashtags on instagram: #NESVsFamicomArt and #NESVsFamicomBoxArt


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On 6/11/2021 at 5:54 PM, Shags said:

When I originally did the Japanese databases for NA, I had spreadsheets with all of this info, that was long ago and those spreadsheets are long gone...

Thanks for that!  I’ve based the list I’ve used for years off of an early version before anyone added the Japanese kanji.  I’ve made edits to include some variants and to correct a couple identifiers. I also split off the FDS stuff to its own tab.  I can share, but want to wait till I give it a good once over and clean it up a bit (it’s been mostly for personal use so some things are lazily slapped together).  

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