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Interesting Controller Thread

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This is someI posted in another thread. Just copying over here, seems relevant 


Three arcade sticks and I think they were the only ones for the system. The Arcade Shark OP showed, Mad Catz Flight Stick and Quickshot Flight Stick.


Driving Wheels. The Ultra Racer, AScii Wheel, and V3 Wheel. I think there is one or two other variations of wheels I don't have for the N64 yet.


Some oddball controllers. The "Boomerang," The "Glove," and a couple of the fishing controllers. The left one has a busted rod that I always mean to try and fix but never get around to it


A couple of interesting accessories. A Tilt Pak which is "motion controls for your N64" and what everyone should have in their collection, a flak jacket...err a Nuby Rumble vest. I actually have two of these but only one has the portion that plugs into the controller. It seems to be just a slightly modified Nuby rumble pack with a wire coming out of it. So it shoud be simple enough to mod one. Another of my many projects I hope to get too one day.

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