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I got anather NES test station.

Nes Freak

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i got another test station just to get the sign thats straddling both units.  A sign ive been looking for for 6 years now.  so i got it all  including the test station manual too.  now if only i can find one with its box 😛  that will likely never happen  but  ive seen an m82 kiosk new in box so it is possible lol.  a week ago i posted about the sign already the unit took a bit longer to come in.  as i said before, the story was a nasty one on how i got it...  the thing was an absolute filthy mess.  it took me 3 hours to clean it up  the tv had a bad coaxial port which had to be replaced with an exact replacement i had on hand.  and there was a fair ammount of corrosion on the connection.  i clean it all up to a shine  removed the corrosion and dust.  ive ordered a capacitor kit and gonna recap the whole thing  theres a damaged cap in the unit.  it works 100% despite this damaged cap.  but if one is damage it might be best just to redo it all.  when im done it will be like new 😛


here the story...  the seller had a test station for sale and it just happen to have the sign ive been looking for!   at first i asked the seller if he was interested in selling just the sign. he seem interested so in the end i ended up offering 650 for the sign max. he decided not to saying he wanted to keep it in the set as he had just posted it.  so i thought ok i will let him sit on it and ask later in hopes he would change his mind (the item was over priced and wasn't going anywhere) 3 months later i did some research on what the test station was really going for and asked politely if he would be willing to sell it at a more reasonable price.  i got no response so i gave up for the time being. a week later he replies and said "no im good" so then i asked what was he willing to go for? he said 3500 would be the lowest (from 4500) so i asked a few other question and condition and was going to bite the bullet and buy it for 3500. everything was going well.  i went to send him an offer and was unable to.  Confused i went and saw a new message that said. " but i dont like how to lectured me on my price and wont sell to you regardless" then realizing i had been blocked. asked kindly that i was about to send an offer and was willing to pay what his lowest offer and that i wasnt lecturing him and was just stating the facts from research and pleaded for him to allow me to buy (no response). i was pretty upset (actually thats an understatement i was quite pissed off to the point i could barely focus on my work.) and caught up in the moment reported him to ebay Yes apparently its against the rules to just block people with out a legit reason.  i wasnt expecting that i could report for that but its possible. 


a few days later i asked my sister if i could use her account. i send him a offer higher then his lowest asking price (so not to be suspicious and in hope he would accept) but he was suspicious and declined and said sorry your location is too close to a buyer he was having issues with. (at least he didn't block me again) several more days pass. i call my cousin in texas and ask her to help me out. she did and finally i got him to sell it, unfortunately at 400 dollars more that what he would "entertain". but it was worth it to me. with the taxes and extra shipping i might as well not asked any question and bought it. he did get some bad karma though charging 50 dollars for shipping and being a large heavy item he ended up paying 210 for shipping. (and tried asking for my cousin to chip in) i said ignore him.

honestly im not sure how this guy even had perfect feedback. ive met some crappy sellers even one that flat out blocked me for just asking what his lowest offer was for an item. this guy was worse. and mind you i was never rude or impolite toward him during the conversation we had. if this had been a more common item i would have just moved on,  however after 6 years of looking for this piece i wasn't going to lose it and have to wait who know how long to find another one. i guess some people just cant handle some bargaining.   Anyways it was worth it to me for the sign.

that's the story.  you can see a before and after the cleaning below.  and please don't pester this guy if you manage to find him,  hes not worth it.  i could have told my cousin to leave bad feedback but i opted not to as the guy might be some crazy person.




and yes this is real.  please excuse the mess lol.  i rip vhs tapes  and had a big load come in from a customer.

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Also just wanted to add screencaps of our conversation, I didn't think I was coming off as terrible or rude, so I'll let you be the judge.

The one picture is his message a couple weeks back, feeling the need to "brag" or show off that he had had someone else buy the test station since I didn't want to sell it to him.




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9 hours ago, phart010 said:

Come on guys grow up. If you don’t like an offer just decline it or ignore it. No need to block people.. or brag about how you circumvented being blocked.


i just thanked him and just thought id let him know how it was handled (being recapped) and that it  when to a new loving home.  as you can see above.  i wasn't bragging.  all though i wanted to and could have.  but i just wanted to end it on a good note despite what happened. Apparently he cant handle a thank you either.

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12 hours ago, Quack said:

This was my test station, I don't have any regrets with how I handled myself in the way I was spoken to or was treated.  So glad you were happy with getting your grubby hands on this.

i have no regrets either.  and you are very welcome.  you got your money and more and i got the sign and test station.  im happy you should be too.  its done lets move on.

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