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Shipping via Bubble Mailer vs. Box?


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10 minutes ago, LtCasual said:

I think a bubble mailer with 2 sheets of cardboard to protect the plastic and cover art should be fine. I shipped 15+ carts recently all in just 3M mailers and didn't have a problem with any of them.

That’s how I do it and I’ve shipped a ton of them never had one issue.  A piece of cardboard on each side and then a little bit of cling wrap then slide it in the bubble mailer and it’s good to go.  

I learned to ship like that working at a comic book store.  We shipped a ton of comics like that.

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Bubble mailers are usually fine for newer stuff, but I've definitely gotten damaged cases for Genesis, Xbox, PS2, Dreamcast, etc. It's not a high chance, but given the choice, I'd personally pay a few bucks extra for additional peace of mind. 

And it should go without saying that any cardboard or Sega Saturn style longbox games definitely should get a box (and a well padded one at that, with at least 1" of good padding on all sides and the game definitely not touching the cardboard of the outer box).

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