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How to predict how many versions there are of a Game.


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Just running through a few games and stumbled on a theory and was looking to see if it hold water.

For years we have been tracking variants on Nintendo Games (for me it's GB).  One thing I have always wondered why manuals are not following the revision ie label identity.  Could it be as some suspect "easier/less expensive to update and print the a CIB" (as @RH suspects) or is it quite possibly a non documented revision (i.e. no version bump on label)

here is the data..

GB: Legend of Zelda, The: Links Awakening has 4 cart versions and 5 manuals the label are as follow

DMG-ZL-USA  (Manual and cart)
DMG-ZL-USA-1 (Manual and cart)
DMG-ZL-USA-2 (Manual and cart)
USA-ZL-USA-3 (Manual and cart)
USA-ZL-USA-4 (Manual ONLY)

Here is where the theory changes the whole thing. 

Some time during the first year of production the programmers did some sort of bug fix/ change.  Causing Nintendo to change the CIBs but that did not trigger a  label version bump i.e. going from DMG-LZ-USA to DMG-LZ-USA-1.   Such label change might have been reserved for a major (graphic) release.  However to keep up with the correct data in the manuals they did a manual version update along with a box version update (this is a hole other can of worm). This would increase the actually cart count to 5 versions thus matching the manual count.

So with that data applied you get this.

Manual                   Cart

5 manuals and 5 carts,

DMG-ZL-USA        DMG-ZL-USA (Original ROM

the manuals and games are accounted for


3 manuals and 3 carts,

Manual                   Cart

DMG-TN-USA       DMG-TN-USA (Original ROM
DMG-TN-USA-1   DMG-TN-USA  (label variant)

other examples.

Tetris( @RH theory works here) it is plausible that bundles can account for the manual changes

6 manuals and 5 carts,

DMG-TR-USA org with ROM A
DMG-TR-USA label variant 1
DMG-TR-USA label variant 2

Super Mario Land (SML)( @RH theory works here) it is plausible that bundles can account for the manual changes

8 manuals 4 carts

DMG-ML-USA = manual blank -1
DMG-ML-USA(rom) = manual 2-5
DMG-ML-USA-1 = manual 6-7
DMG-ML-USA-2  = manual 8

Dose this hold water?  How dose this data compare to say NES or SNES or even DS?

Is it plausible that some games have variants that are not yet documented?


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