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Do you have a Twitter account, and want to follow more Sagers?  This thread will work both ways, in getting your handle out there to others, as well as being the go-to list to follow others!

Deadeye - @deadeye_bit

Hybrid - @Videogameerrors

Silverspoon Gaming - @Silverspoon402

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Adding users. This will be common.
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14 hours ago, Shmup said:

Same. The majority of social media is way too toxic. I’d rather spend my time reading a book or play a game then scroll through Twitter and FB. This is the only social media I use.

Same, I have no social media profiles at all, I had an Instagram for about 6 months, couldn’t take it. The “retro” gaming community on Instagram is way to toxic and to many people scamming each other. 

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Administrator · Posted
22 minutes ago, Psychobear85 said:

I personally don’t count this as social media, 






that’s what I consider social media, call me old fashion but I don’t consider forums that. 



I mean yeah, you're entitled to being wrong. :P

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