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Best way to remove duct tape from NES Sleeves?

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This is the first time I've ever seen this question asked on the internet, which is funny for me personally, because I duct taped all my NES sleeves together when I was a kid to make the games all stack together nicely, and I still have that 10-sleeve wad of shit with my original games in them to this day!  🙂

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10 hours ago, Code Monkey said:

Lighter fluid should remove it.

That is my go to for such things.  I use charcoal lighter fluid simply because it is much much cheaper than cigarette lighter fluid.  

I always try a small spot to see if it works and let it sit for a day or so to make sure it isn't interacting in any weird ways*.  It may take a bit of work since you sometimes get a gooey residue that requires a couple of applications to clean up totally.  I use it to remove thrift store labels on all sorts of things - just have to be careful with non-glossy paper - it can soak into the paper if you aren't careful.

*The only time I have had odd results is on some clear plastics - but only a few.

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