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Hey Everybody!

I lurked na for years then signed up in 2016 but still didn't post much. I'ma try and maybe be a little more social on here? Anywho, excited to see the site thrive.

I started my collecting journey in the late 90s early '00 as a teen. When the prices of games I had played as a kid dropped I started buying anything game related from thrift stores and yard sales as so many others did. As a young adult, I continued with the latest systems and was heavy into the xbox, GameCube, ps2 era.

Then life got in the way. I ended up moving x x times and got sick of hauling heavy games I never had time to play and sold a majority minus a few personal favorites.

I pretty much stepped away from gaming during the Wii, 360, PS3 days and until 2015 finally realized how stupid I was from neglecting my passion. 

So anyways, I'm focusing on some full sets and some systems just the exclusives, rpgs or what looks fun. I am really into Japan exclusives and fan translations even though I don't understand the language it's awesome to have a whole library of stuff you never played as a kid.

Full sets: boxed n64 games (at 90ish ntsc, 40ish jpn), original Xbox (almost halfway there around 400)

Everything else: GameCube (jpn and us), switch, Gameboy loose, snes loose, Ps2, ps3, Wii, 360 (cuz I gotta catch up)

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3 hours ago, a3quit4s said:

Hi! I’m going full set n64 as well but loose I think I’m a little over halfway there. 

Woo woo, I have so many $$$ games left to get but have most of my favorites so I guess I'm not mad to only be like 1/3 of the way there. Good luck on yer journey, are you doing labels on the top?

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