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New Feature: Customize your Notification Sound!


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Why choose one when you can have them all? With this feature we really don't even have to worry about copyright etc., as the notification sounds can now be customized at the individual level. I've added a new default "coin" sound, and you (yes, you!) can change the sound to whatever you want if you prefer a different sound!

Just go to the "Manage Notification Sound" link in the main navigation and you can upload any file you like:



You can also go to any user's profile page (including your own) to see what notification sound they are using:



If you click the 3 dots to the right of the audio player, you can download the file that user is using, and use it yourself!

I WILL caution that if you choose to use something blatantly inappropriate, it will be removed if reported as well as your ability to customize your sounds. Use your best judgement in this regard.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, let us know in this thread.

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A little trial and error stuff here........

@ZeldaFreak and myself have been tinkering with this.......

I did not change mine yet.....He and I were messing around on pm's to see if it were changed, would it go back to the coin sound......this is all for me.

When we were pm'ing back and forth, no ping sounds, when I got pinged in a club thread i did get the sound......but not during pm's 

2 questions

1)  does it revert back if i delete the mp3 from my notification thingy in my profile?

2)  Why is the notification system so broken?  😛  I only kid, but is there a ruleset for how it works?  No need to go into complete details, but if zeldafreak wants to chime in with all the details he is more than welcome to.

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