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Is Game Gear popular-er?


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I think Sonic Triple Trouble is the best Sonic game and really worth a play.  The ever-so-common Sonic 2 is a weird Sonic 2 but it's so cheap, you might as well give it a try.  Be warned, it's tough as nails, though.

I liked both the Star Wars titles (Star Wars buy U.S. Gold, and Super Return of the Jedi).  I wish I never sold my SROTJ, cause I need a copy and they keep going up!

As a kid I enjoyed all of my games.  There was the Star Trek training sim game, Jurassic Park and Stargate.  Stargate is actually a puzzle game. I'm sure it's a clone of some other puzzle game, but I found it fun an interesting.

Other than SROTJ, I don't think any of those games will set you back much.  As I said, I really enjoyed them as a kid but nostalgia may prevent me from being really objective.  It's a great system, so I'm sure there are other gems out there and most of them are likely to be pretty cheap.

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6 hours ago, Nintegageo said:

He doesn't have any ready made ones for sale and it's in Australia so it's a no-go.  At least the Everdrive GBA does have a GG emulator you can use...so that's the closest I can think of not only playing GG games on TV but being able to use a comfortable button layout (PS1 controller w/ converter to Game Boy Player; with X as A button and SQUARE as B button).

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I bought one of those GG TV boards many years ago and never got around to installing it.  Now with the Analogue solutions to play GG on the TV, I might consider selling it.  

As far as the Game Gear goes, I wouldn't say it's popular, but it's still worth checking out.  Finding a working system might be tricky, but if you can find one, lots of good games can be found cheap.  There are lots of Sonic games for the system.  Not all are great, but most are at least worth checking out.  

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