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Fortnite - you play or what ?


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So, I have the newest gaming consoles and yet only thing I manage to play is this damn game. 

Spiderman took me away from it for a bit but then I’m back.  

I have red dead redemption 2 right there and have yet to start that up

I'm into shooters and this does the job, Hope COD can take me away like it use to but lately that franchise has fallen short with me.  

And last month epic games , finally got money off me with those Batman/ catwoman skins ( didn’t know how pricey that shit is either >.> )

So anyone else pick this game up to play a couple rounds ?



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1 hour ago, Fleck586 said:

I've never played but my 7 year old really wants to play it as several of his friends play. Is it age appropriate? 

Oh definitely, it's very non-offensive (no blood, swearing, overly-realistic violence etc) unless the very concept of guns in games is over the line for you as a parent. It's about as age appropriate as a shooter could be.

That said I personally didn't get much out of playing the game. I gave it an honest shot so I could play with my more (pardon the expression) "casual" gaming friends, but I just wasn't motivated to pick it back up after playing it for a couple of hours. YMMV of course, I don't suppose the game became a zillion-dollar success by totally sucking.

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Yes I absolutely love Fortnite, I've been playing since it debuted on Switch in summer of last year almost every night, and in fact last night I got FOUR consecutive squad wins dropping with random squads.  I have almost 1700 hours in so far.  The game is so fun and there isn't anything that's ever given me the same feeling, the battle royale aspect combined with the building ability is just a wide open pallette to do whatever you want and there's no ceiling on how skilled you can get.  "Chapter 2" which debuted recently is a complete overhaul of the game and the game is in one of the best states it's been.   It's awesome!  Parents shouldn't worry about the small amount of violence in the game, the game teaches and rewards strategy planning and teamwork more than "just" gunplay, and I've dropped in with some kids who are absolutely deadly at the game.  Awesome game!  If anyone ever wants to team up sometimes let me know, I play nearly every night.

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