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I'm giving away $10 to anyone


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First, mods if this isn't allowed please just delete or lock. 

Sounds too good to be true? Well it's not. All you do is sign up through the link below and deposit $100 into your stock account. You don't even have to buy stocks. Just deposit it. You can move it back to your bank account later. 

[Link removed]

What's in it for you:

You get a free stock for making this deposit. I also will give you $10 after your deposit is successful and after you message me saying you did so. You have to go through my referral link though. So you'll get at least $15 free for. Iirc, you can get a stock valued up to $1600.


What's in it for me:

I get 2 free stocks valued between $8-1600. The odds of getting the $1600 stock are extremely low but if I do get that, I'll give you a portion of that stock's value too. 


After your $100 deposit is successful and you tell me you deposited it, I'll send you $10 through PayPal or venmo via pm here. Any questions please ask. Webull is a really good stock app btw. Very easy to see all your favorite stocks in one spot and easy to buy and sell.


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