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Contest going on now! Pick your prize!


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This is something I use to do all the time on NA its quite simple I ask random knowledge trivia questions (I try to make it a question you have to guess so you can't Google it) and the first person to get 5 correct wins! You will get to choose one of the following items free of charge! Todays prizes are 

A modded raspberry pi with 1000s of games nes,snes,Sega,Atari (no power cord but does include HDMI and a nes controller.)





A modded psone classic with an 8bitdo(pair a PS4 controller!) And a crackhead pack with tons of great ps1 games including lots of good RPGs!





or a steam controller! 






If you want to join in just post "I'm in" when at least 4 people are in the thread I will start the game!




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