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Panel de Pon 64 proto discovered!

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53 minutes ago, Koopa64 said:

Sure it’s on the GameCube, I’ve played it lots, but I would LOVE to have it on an N64 cartridge now that repros are possible. 

So would I. I was just saying, it was eventually released. Just not on N64.

I wonder if there's an N64 Prototype of the GameCube version of Yoshi's Cookie.

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20 minutes ago, Crazy Climber said:

Must have been late in the development of the N64 so they just scrapped it and moved it to Gamecube. Rerminds me of what happened with NES/SNES SIM city

Actually, both versions of Sim City were being developed at the same time. The nes version got canned so as to not pull snes sales away... probably. 

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SimCity was a sad long term loss, but at least it's out there now and basically works.  It would be a blast if someone could clean up a few of the more vicious bugs with it.


That said surprised to see this was even a thing and yeah that does look like the GC version too.  I've got the game, kind of.  I have it, then pull it for sale, never sell it, return to the wall, wash rinse repeat.  I don't hate it, it just never gets used as I have a hard time playing puzzle games on a TV anymore.  But Panel de Pon GC/64 (if they're about the same) is a fantastic version of the game very worth playing so I hope this one shows up into the wild too for those with kits.

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