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Could I get that with basted eggs please?


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Post the menu of  one (per post anyway) of your favorite local restaurants.  

This one is for Sunrise Sunset (where we had breakfast this morning - I had the steak ranchero which is most excellent).  They have 3 locations all of which are in the immediate area,




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18 hours ago, Tabonga said:

 I really hate it when we lose a favorite place. 

Indeed. Here’s another one, I found it by accident and only made it once. When I tried to go back it was gone.

The area is really low traffic. One of the more desolate blocks in an already underpopulated neighborhood. There must have just not been enough business.


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18 hours ago, docile tapeworm said:

i had a friend named "A" who hated people that asked for basted eggs.... he said it was a ridiculous request.

I thought you said he hated people that asked for bastard eggs. That's almost absurd as asking for strike ribs because spare ribs sounds subpar. 😂 

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