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Crazy that he got what seems to be perma banned but even crazier is the lack of reason from anyone so far. I haven’t really watched a streamer in awhile but the Doc and ChocoTaco were my favs. 

Anyone else out there following the lack of news and crazy theories?

edit: Twitch only said so far about a violation of the ToS but that is pretty vague. 

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I've never been interested in watching him or the other huge Twitch channels.  Stuff like streaming in public bathrooms just isn't for me.  I will stick to the speedrunners myself.

I'm curious to see if there is a follow-up lawsuit.  These big streamers are making a ton and I'm sure they would want to keep that going.

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He's not the worst of the streamers or Youtubers or whatever out there, but he's done some pretty bone headed things. Also not surprised Twitch has thrown their book at the guy but allowed lots of other shit to slide.

Pretty sure it Twitch has the right to ban any user at any time they want to as per their terms of service.

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10 minutes ago, DefaultGen said:

That’s a name I have not heard in a long time

Heh. I hope your dealings did not have the occasional hint of sadism.

Then again... I literally had to do things just to get them to take everybody's issue with HafuGirl seriously. aAnd by that time I gave up on them enforcing any rules that make what they claimed that place was.

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