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AWESOME Mega Man 1 (NES) Run!

Nostalgic Machine

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Hey guys! I figured serious NES players would enjoy this. My buddy Josh is nuts when it comes to Mega Man, and he's one of the few I've seen actually play through the game and look like he knows what he's doing, lol. Check out his run below for The Gaming Manual; I learned so much from watching this one! Enjoy! 😎


Here are the Time Stamps for everything you see above; all of which can also be found HERE on TheGamingManual.com:


Gaming Manual Mega Man Timestamps by Josh of TheGamingManual.com

00:09 Bombman Bombombomb pits how to avoid damage and their explosion pattern. 

01:00 How to handle sniper joe. 

01:45 Intro to killer bomb enemy. 

01:57 Positioning for mambu 8-way shot. 

02:15 Baiting sniper joe to jump to get the 1up. 

02:50 Elevated sniper joe. 

03:07 Dealing with Bombman°s boss gate. 

03:17 Boss fight with Bombman. 

04:19 Gutsman railway with platform that drops Mega Man. 

05:12 - Blind falls and power up locations (life energy, weapon energy and 1up). 

05:47 Gutsman boss gate. 

06:03 Boss fight Gutsman using hyper bombs with select trick. Select pauses the game without bringing up the weapon menu and allows for a boss to be hits multiple times from the same attack.

06:55 Cutman dealing with the bunby heli in the air and blaster bullet patterns. 

08:04 Handling the numerous suzy enemies for the next few screens. 

09:37 Mambu timing and safe spots. 

09:52 Big Eye. 

10:04 Screw drives in Cutman°s boss gate. 

10:23 Cutman boss fight using super arm. 

11:06 Elecman how to destroy the gabyoall. 

11:43 Watchers attack pattern. 

12:12 Disappearing blocks timing. 

12:54 Climbing the tower°s ladders, take the left side for an easier path. 13:38 How to get the magnet beam, it is required to beat the game and possible to miss. Super arm or thunder beam can be used to break the blocks. 

15:05 Big Eye 

15:13 Elecman boss gate timing of the lighting beams while climbing the ladder, getting hit will cause you to fall to the bottom and start over, so take it slow. 

15:44 Boss fight Elecman using rolling cutter. 

16:23 Iceman crazy crazy enemy, aim for the head as hitting the body will cause the head to fly around attacking you and follow you until it is destroyed. 

16:44 Pepe flying pattern and lack of water effects that are in other mega man games (no extra height in jumps, falling is not slowed down) and slippery floor is still in affect even under water. 

17:43 Disappearing blocks and the easy way to get past them. 

18:23 Bypassing the foot holder enemies and avoid falling in the pit. 

18:40 Hug the left wall while falling for life and weapon energy. 

19:00 Big Eye 

19:08 Iceman Boss gate with pepe enemy. 

19:24 Boss fight Iceman using elecbeam. 

20:08 Fireman minimizing damage from screw drivers. 

21:03 Trick for getting past flamethrowers. 

21:31 Dealing with the lava pit, flamethrowers and falling fireballs. 

22:08 Easy way to avoid getting damaged by fire chutes. 

22:46 Fireman boss gate screw drivers. 

23:12 Boss fight using ice slasher. 

24:11 Wily stage 1 getting past multiple big eye enemy using the ice slasher to freeze them mid-air and run under them. 

24:45 Getting into the past the blocks using super arm or thunder beam. 25:00 Tip you can freeze the flame throwers and jump them when they are frozen, but if you have trouble with the time just run through after getting hit while you have post damage invincibility. 

25:25 Getting energy if needed. 

26:09 Getting past the killer bombs without falling into spike pit. 

26:23 Tip magnet beam is a faster, much safer way to get past this room filled with foot holders with spikes on the ceiling and floor. 

26:44 Magnet beam is required to get past this room and if you use too much energy you can get stuck here, at least there are no enemies. Here°s how to use minimal energy to get through the room. 

27:30 Yellow devil boss fight, recommend using the thunder beam with the pause trick and if done right can be kill with just one shot of the thunder beam.

28:26 Wily stage 2 dealing with the bunby heli and avoid getting knocked into a pit. 

28:54 Boss fight with cutman, but there are no blocks to use super arm. 29:36 Boss fight Elecman using rolling cutter. 

29:50 how to get past the bombombomb pits. 

31:45 Boss fight Copy Robot using thunder beam with the select trick. Copy Robot will use the same weapon as you if want to fight without the pause trick. 

33:13 Wily stage 3 managing the enemy horde on each screen. 

33:52 Flood tunnels with pepe for the first half and killer bombs for the second half. 

34:24 Boss fight using Mega buster for the first 4 and super arm for the last 3. 

35:21 Wily stage 4 watchers enemy in spawn room don°t get caught off guard and careful climbing the ladder if you get hit you will fall into the spikes. 

36:40 Beware the railway and platform it may see easy but can result in a quick death. Instead use the magnet beam and collect the 1up and power up that will re-fill life energy plus all weapon energy.  

37:22 Bombman boss fight. 

37:45 Fireman boss fight. 

38:02 Iceman boss fight. 

38:15 Gutsman boss fight. 

38:49 Tip if you have less than half health die as you will start before the final boss gate with full health which make the final battle a lot easier as there are no E-tanks so you can°t heal yourself during the fight. 

39:12 Wily machine first form using fire storm. 

39:34 Wily second form using fire storm. Hint use post invincibility to get extra hits in but be careful not to get too close as Wiley's machine does more damage on contact then the bullets it fires. Also a warning, the game can't handle everything on the screen at once which results in bullets or part of Wiley's  machine disappearing. Don't be fooled! They are still there and can hurt you, try to remember where they were so you don°t take extra damage during the final battle. 

40:23 End Credits.

What are your thoughts? Are you guys any good at this game? I could NEVER beat  single robot master in MM1!

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