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WiiU games- U.A.E. editions?

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Got one of these in, has this on the front corner:



Also noticed the style of spindle clamp is different than any other WiiU case I've seen so far:


And also came with this sheet in addition to the manual:


The disc itself looked the same as another regular US disc I had, but it's from Gamestop so who knows if it's the disc that is supposed to be with it.

Has anybody seen these/collect these?   I've seen them for Wii before.

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Yeah this is the company that sold all the "ASIAN VERSION" nes,snes,gb,n64,etc. games. They're legit and in terms of distribution, they are the oldest still-running collaboration with nintendo, they were selling game & watch since i guess 1980. The owner is an Indian guy living in Japan, he did an interview somewhere where he said his favorite thing in japan is sushi haha

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That's an amaray case (quality!), maybe they originally were planning on using that brand but then found/were offered a better deal elsewhere and if they initially had amaray make a run in that color the stock was already on hand maybe perhaps they saved it for a more obscure region? Or maybe it's a shipping thing and it was cheaper to get amaray where those were produced. Idk, interesting though.

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Yes a lot of 3DS games and consoles sold in the Middle East/Singapore/Malaysia have this icon. I recently discovered that the Hylian Shield edition 2DS XL that was supposed to be exclusive to GameStop was also sold there.

(Pic from Google)



The 3DS version of Ocarina of Time is really interesting though. It has the Japanese box art but rated for ESRB.




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