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Oddball Super Nintendo CIB Variants

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I was digging through what’s left of NintendoAge and ran across an old thread started by @jonebone.  The thread was missing most of the pictures it had and was wondering if Jone or anybody here would happen to have some pictures of the listed items.


Adventures of Mighty Max - Unconfirmed, maybe a VHS addon?


Addams Family Values - VHS Tape


Bomberman - Small Box (Non-Party Pack)


Captain Novolin - Loaner Sleeve


David Crane's Tennis - Footlocker Coupon


Final Fight Guy - Black Version (Non retail?)


Flintstones The Movie - Sealed w/ Movie


Earthworm Jim 2 - Alternate Artwork (White Background, non-retail)


Illusion of Gaia - T-Shirt Bundle


Lethal Enforcers - Small Box


Maximum Carnage - Big Box QVC Set


Mechwarrior Gift Pack


Metal Combat - Big Box w/ Light Gun


Pac-Man Adventures - With Coupon


Primal Rage - Trading Cards


Spider-Man X-Men - Box Variant (CES?)


Tony Meola's Soccer - Footlocker Coupon


Turtles in Time - Farley's Snack Coupon


Zombies Ate My Neighbors - Box Variant 

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