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MiamiSlice show-off thread: Complete PopCap set!


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8 minutes ago, Gloves said:

You don't count Battle for Naboo? 

Well, I don't have it in box, so wouldn't look as nice. And no, I don't count it, though I considered it! I also considered including my Rogue Squadron III preview disc, which is in box, but I thought this looked nicer with just the 3 items. 

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The Korg music making trio for Nintendo DS. M01 was only released in Japan but it has an English text option too. I’ve had DS10 and DS10+ for a long time, used to write and perform music with them, while M01 is a recent pickup via Buyee.


All 3 of these were developed by Detune; they also have the Korg Gadget on Nintendo Switch, but I don’t know if that has a physical version yet. There was also a limited edition version of DS10+ released in Japan with a white big box that includes a composer’s guide written by the legendary band YMO but it’s all in Japanese and a little too expensive for me. Someday I might snag it, maybe!

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Long time no post! Here’s all my portables in one pic!


Top left to bottom right:

  • Launch model Switch, hackable, unhacked, #graygang

  • Turquoise Switch Lite, not out of the box because I haven't gotten around to opening it yet

  • Nintendogs edition DS, my first DS, but I lost the dog bone screen cleaner sadly

  • Glacier GBA

  • Blue AGS-101 GBA SP

  • Limited edition ice blue Game Boy Pocket, my mom found it at Goodwill some years ago, always wanted one as a kid and my mom finally came through

  • SEGA Genesis "Ultimate Portable Game Player" I got as a gift from another collector when I bought a bunch of games off him, no I would not have paid for this thing, it's a joke

  • Silver launch model Game Boy Pocket (the kind with no power LED)

  • Blue DSi, signed by Rob Paulsen (there's a story behind that)

  • Pikachu edition "new" 2DS XL, it's not sealed but it's so pristine that I don't take it out, will probably go in my will or something

  • OG Game Boy

  • Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer edition "new" 3DS with Timmy & Tommy cover plates (the other cover plates are in the box), strangely enough this is my only 3DS, I used to have a launch model black 3DS which I "kept" from my former employer (OMGPOP), but I had bad memories about that place so I sold it

  • Sapphire blue PS Vita, imported from Japan and I hacked it myself, my only hacked console

  • OG Game Boy, later box without the headphones and link cable

  • Modded (custom shell, buttons, backlit with an AGS-101 screen) GBA I bought off r/GameboyMarketplace

  • 25th anniversary Mario Red DSi XL, my favorite way to play DS games

  • Nintendogs edition pink DS Lite, yes I like Nintendogs

I considered being cheeky and throwing in some smartphones, game & watches and some dinky LCD games but I ran out of space & time. Also I thought about cheating my including my wife's midnight blue DSi XL and my sons electric blue 2DS but what would I be without integrity???

I don't really do "console collecting," I put all my funds toward collecting games and occasionally merch. Every console I have is meant to be used or I got it for a really good deal. I've started to make a few exceptions though, like the DSi is signed so I don't use it now, the silver GBP is mint and I want to keep it that way, and the 2DS XL I don't mean for it to be a display model but I plan to save it for my kids or sell/trade it if the right deal comes along. 

Only consoles I'm planning to get right now are the Animal Crossing Switch (I didn't pre-order so I might not manage to get one), at least one Game Boy Color (would love a backlit one but it's not a priority right now), and a Neo Geo Pocket Color (also not a priority). 

Edit April 1: since posting this I sold the Pikachu 2DS XL and the Turquoise Switch Lite and acquired an Animal Crossing Switch for $380.

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4 minutes ago, RH said:

Are these any good? I'm genuinely curious.  I have to ask because I see that Majesco label.  I honestly had no clue they were still around.

Majesco is the publisher. The developer is Shinen. I've always been a fan of Shinen's games. They also made Iridion II. I only ever played Nanostray, the other two I haven't gotten started with yet, but Nanostray is very good. Maybe the best shmup on the DS. 

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My Minecraft collection!


Been playing since the original beta when I paid ~$14 for a license. Helped back the documentary via Kickstarter (to the tune of $500) and got to contribute a clip for the credits as well as score this exclusive poster print and creeper toy. The Wii U and Switch versions of the game I got through swaps. I don't really play anymore but my son plays the latest version on his iPad every day. One day he was walking by this poster and suddenly realized what it was... the look on his face 😄 

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27 minutes ago, Jicsan said:

Nice set!  I need to play these sometime.  I should also get that Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright, then I will have all the Phoenix Wright games (DS/3DS at least).

Yes you need to play it. Start from the beginning (the early games are the best). It's one of my favorite series. 

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9 minutes ago, ChickenTendas4PokeyEater said:

Why is there so much hate for Sticker Star? I get that it changed the formula of the PM games, but I didn't think it was that bad.

I think I was just so disappointed by it. The writing was excellent but the combat and futzing about with stickers was just so annoying that I had to stop playing. 

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52 minutes ago, bowser said:

Are you considering the 3DS version of Layton's Mystery Journey as part of the set?

By the old Nintendo Age rules, the 3DS version would be the only version valid to make this a complete set for a bauble/charm, but no, I don't look at it that way. The Switch version is an updated enhanced port so that's good enough for me, I don't plan to pick up the 3DS version. 

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Editorials Team · Posted
7 hours ago, ChickenTendas4PokeyEater said:

How did you feel about Katrielle Layton? I haven't played any of the games, but I've heard it's the Sticker Star of the Professor Layton fandom.

By far the worst.  Like, by a large margin.

But still fun.  Hmm...

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