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17 minutes ago, snk2d4ever said:

Will you be scanning things like tip sheets and newsletters, or is there a fear of counterfeits being produced from the images?

Good question, I thought about writing an article on the Ogopogo Examiner newsletters and considered scanning them in for everyone to read. Could add watermarks to prevent reproduction. 

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2 hours ago, acidjaguar said:

I’d probably be more ok with starting to release newsletters as full scans (maybe some watermarking).  The tip sheets, less so given some are just normal paper, but certainly watermarking can help alleviate desires to counterfeit.  


The best way to release them is to scan them personally into your computer (to digitally preserve) and then simply retype or even OCR everything and release JUST the content and none of the “layout”

If no one knows EXACTLY how it looks then no one can reproduce it.

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