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I've made the switch!

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No, not the Nintendo Switch, but the switch from that *other* site to here.  Looking forward to a fresh start.

By way of introduction, I'm a collector of most anything videogame and vintage computing related.  After amassing a massive collection I'm now spending my retirement years actually playing some of the games I found over the years.  Turns out I suck at playing most games, but hey, they still look pretty on the shelves.


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3 hours ago, Astor Reinhardt said:

Favorite console? And are you more of a console or computer person?

The Atari 2600 was my first console so I've got a soft spot for it, and my 3DS and WiiU probably get the most play, but I really prefer older computers, especially the C64. 

6 hours ago, epiclotus said:

Welcome to VGS!  What kind of vintage computing do you do?  Personally, I want to eventually get into C64 games, and I use one of their monitors for my vintage games tv.  

I started with the C64 back in 1982 when they were brand spanking new, after a couple years of using cp/m machines.  Part of my wife's dowry when we hitched up was a VIC-20 so I got a chance to try that out too.  Later, when they started showing up at the thrifts/yard sales I picked up the competitors (Atari,CoCo,TI99 and later Amiga and Atari ST) to see what I had missed out on.  I love them all, but the C64 is the only one I know well enough to sound semi-intelligent discussing. 

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