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Looking for something Egg-stra


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What's your favourite Easter Egg in a video game? Did you discovery it or were you shown it?

Mine is still the secret room in Arkham Asylum, because no one knew it existed, until the Devs showed the world. We all booted up the game to see it for ourselves.

Others include Psycho Mantis reading the memory card, Hadouken in MMX and Reptile in MK.

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5 minutes ago, TylerBarnes said:

If you collect 15 stars in Mario 64, catch MIPS, but leave the star, and then travel out to the courtyard and circle the water fountain counterclockwise 4 times in a row at full running speed, you can unlock Luigi. 

Yeah I did this on my first try when I played the game back in 96 I didn't send it in to Nintendo Power though because my dad worked for Sega

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