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What's your setup?


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About a year ago, I organized my TV setup and put several consoles into storage as the area behind my TV stand had become an unmanageable mess of cables and switches. I was able to streamline my setup into the following:

My setup has two TVs:

  • A 43" 2011 LG 1080p HDTV
  • A 13" Prima CRT TV (for lag sensitive retro games)

I have following systems outputting component:

  • Super Nintendo
  • Sega Genesis/SegaCD
  • Sega Saturn

to a 3-way component switch which then feeds to a two-ways powered component splitter which mirrors that output to both the CRT and HDTV. 

I have the following systems outputting HDMI:

  • AVS
  • XBox One S
  • Nintendo Switch

to a 5-way HDMI switch which then feeds the output to my HDTV. 

Finally, I have another HDMI port on my HDTV dedicated to my Gaming/HDTV PC.

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TV is a Samsung DLP rear projection. It seems to have very little lag.

NES/Famicom are played on an AVS with original NES controllers.

Other consoles, mainly Game Boy and TG-16, played on a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a knockoff PlayStation USB controller. I don't have it all hooked up right now, but it can be in under a minute.

I also have a couple of plug n play devices. I like the ones that have unique controls that can't be replicated by standard controllers, such as the Atari paddle games or the Bass Angler reel controller. The card/casino one just came with the fishing one.






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I've put my CRTs into storage and may end up parting with them this coming year.  Everything is run off of my OLED.  My Famicom, N64, Dreamcast, Gamecube, and Wii have been HDMI modded.  Super NT handles the SNES.  The remaining consoles have been RGB modded and fill a basket with their cables.  This includes TurboGrafx, Snes, Virtualboy, Saturn, PS1, and PS2.  All of that is run off an OSSC with scart or HDretrovision cables.  Modern stuff is HDMI of course. 


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I'm running a Samsung UN32EH4003F I inherited from my grandma which she never really used before she passed.  I got lucky that the display lag on the thing is so incredibly low that it causes no problems playing older games so it works perfectly for me.  All my stuff runs through that as all my systems I've had modded or got external fix(GC) to run HDMI other than the Core Grafx which strangely runs excellent without.  My PSOne sits on my desk with the Sony made panel, and for MVS I have a 2 slot Neo Geo with a 25" Wells & Gardener CRT in there.

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