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Game Boy DMG-01 console manual bags?

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Hello, does anyone know if the original Game Boy DMG-01 consoles originally came with plastic bags for the manuals/paperwork?

For the Game Boy+Tetris console packs I know that everything else came wrapped in their own plastic bag (console, link cable, Tetris cart/case) or came sealed in plastic (headphones, AA batteries).

But I have never seen any used cib consoles that have a plastic bag for the manuals/paperwork/poster. 

Did they originally come in a bag and people lost them over time, or did they never have a bag?

I have all the other Game Boy consoles (Pocket/Light/Color/Advance/SP/Micro) and they all came with a plastic bag for the manual/paperwork, so it seems strange that the DMG doesn't have one while everything else in the box has a bag.

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Yeah I have that version and it is one of the last versions of the gray DMG that was released in 1995 or after. Console is Made in China, motherboard DMG-CPU-08 with glob-top chips. Box is a thick cardboard with egg carton style tray instead of thin cardboard with styrofoam tray from the early versions. No longer includes the link cable or headphones. Also it has that weird looking blank screen on the front image. 

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I'm no expert, but I checked my records. I looked at a picture of Christmas '90 when we got the Game Boy. With my magnifying lens, I can see no bag around Tetris. Since this is Christmas 1990, that is a year after the GBW debut (black / orange grid box, not later pink grid).

I also have found several early CIB Game Boys at garage sales. Earlies (including the one in my Christmas photo) always had styrofoam trays. Earlies did not have that Nintendo sticker seal as shown in RH's post and were not packed in cardboard trays. They had no seal at all. The earlies I had found were DMG-GBTR-USA-3 and DMG-GBTR-USA-1. The two 3's were very CIB with a You've Got Your Game Boy tips brochure, system manual, Tetris manual, and Important Notice insert about how to stick the cartridge into the Game Boy for dum-dums. The link cable and headphones were still in their baggies.

Now, I can't be certain about how much tampering the garage sale finds had before I found them, but considering I pulled them from garages of people who hadn't seen them in 30 years, I doubt much tampering went on to make appeal to retro fans. These were finds from people who didn't know the had old games until I asked. However, consider that little plastic bags are not seen as valuable to most. The Christmas '90 photo should be more helpful, but the instructions for a Lightboy cover most of the tray items, except the headphones and the non-bagged Tetris.

Make of that info what you will. Maybe you can find archived VHS camcorder vids. My suggestion is to search the Youtube channel My Retro Life for videos based on the original Game Boy. The guy had a father who camcorded a lot of videogame experiences.
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I can match what monsterG says -- I have two very complete DMG-GBTR-USA-3 boxed systems in my collection that have (seemingly) everything but neither has the bags for the manuals.


I would expect them to be bagged -- as that had been the habit for Nintendo but It doesn't seem as if they were  (?)

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