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  1. Submitting to @JVOSS for request to accept gameboy cartridge into reality. As you can see the game is now in hand. Anyone find any other 2 player logo variants?
  2. I think tetris is a pretty cool guy. Eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything.
  3. I mean I could see your point if it was something suspect like a variant that looked fake, or could make someone a lot of money, or didn't follow some kind of trend, or any number of reasons really. But when there are multiple clear photographic examples of a variant for multiple games from multiple people that you have to be on some spectrum to even notice its existence, and there is a pretty clear production trend... you have to be able to use some kind of discretion. Literally, the people that designed and implemented the logo change are probably the only other people that aren't
  4. You know.. you're right. I should send you my game collection so you can sign off on all of my checklists for me. That way I know for sure what is real. Thanks for being so generous.
  5. The only one that I don't currently have in hand is the Dr. Mario variant which is on it's way and I can post a picture when it arrives. The variant was also accounted for on your list as well, so I am assuming you have this one in hand? If you'd like to post a "real" picture of it before than, you're free to do so. It seems to be a bit paranoid to reject clear photographic evidence of something, but you do you I guess.
  6. Its a deep dive of my games and also all current ebay auctions. I was still thinking about going back through the sold listings, gameboy database, and a couple of other places to check for something different but haven't done that yet.
  7. I have 29 releases with 3 lines in that list You're free to count however you like though..........
  8. I think these are the highest potential games to have the 2-player logo variant without a Rev change. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BlqASf-W93zDoEvqC7lIk23lnSoJwP7I6KE5-EzHL8c/edit?usp=sharing Go! Go! Tank in May '91, while kind of an anomaly, was the last example I could find of the older 3 line logo The second last example of the 3 line logo, Dr. Mario in Dec '90, also has the updated 2 line logo in its initial release (Rev 0) It's probably safe to assume that for Pinball Revenge of the Gator Rev 0 probably never received the update, since Rev 1 also has the old
  9. How did you get those nice pictures? Haha they spelled original incorrectly. I was going to put a list together of the games with the multiplayer logos to at least get an idea of how many could have the 2 or 3 line difference. There should be a upper limit as well based off the release date of the latest released found example of the 3 line variant.
  10. Yea. A mint copy of donkey kong land, killer instinct, and tetris attack NFRs were also found with this one but someone else got to them first so I was left with baseball scraps. I'm happy to get one though. Yea, I would say my grading scale of what's acceptable shifts considering rarity but the NFRs that have been selling lately seem like garbage and not worth it considering the price spike. Ive only been collecting for about 6 months though so I've still got a bit of patience left.
  11. I'm about 10 retail variants away from finishing the DMG set and I finally broke into this stupid subset. Near impossible to find these mint because I imagine that they get thrown around at whatever store they are distributed to. Please kill me what do all of your NFR dmg cartriges look like? Is a mint set even a reasonable goal?
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