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Akira Toriyama has passed away


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He had an iconic and recognizable style for character/creature illustrations and even with the insane amount of designs he made, most of them felt different with their size/color/personality etc. Great feat. I'm a basic bitch who has mainly been exposed to Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger but R.I.P. to a legend 🫡

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59 minutes ago, Skorp said:

Cried the night I heard that. Just too sudden. RIP Akira. His art truly touched millions of hearts including mine.

I don't think I ever get chocked up from a celebrity death before. I guess I never realized how much Dragon Ball impacted me as a person honestly but I've been watching since, what?, 1998? 1999? I went had all the movies on VHS at one point. I even saw Dragon Ball Evolution in the theaters ffs. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's so little franchises that successfully pull of a multi generational impact the way dragon ball did. It's really tough for me to let it go or to think it could turn into something lack luster -- see Star War, or the Marvel pains.

I'm just so happy w how the anime of super turned out and the current Manga has been awesome. I hoping the Japanese pride shows through in the continuation of the franchise. 

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