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Music Mega Bracket II: The Brackening - 1.14

Reed Rothchild

Choose the winners  

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  1. 1. Choose one

    • Skid Row - "Youth Gone Wild"
    • Counting Crows - "Mr. Jones"
  2. 2. Choose one

    • Weezer - "The End of the Game"
    • Wilson Phillips - "Hold On"
  3. 3. Choose one

    • Eddie Murphy - "Party All the Time"
    • LMFAO - "Party Rock Anthem"
  4. 4. Choose one

    • Scorpions - "Big City Nights"
    • Santana - "Smooth"

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Top Posters In This Topic

Sorry, there was a lot of "meh" here but I went with 1111.

I really can't stand that guys voice in Counting Crows, so that was a vote against them.  Group #3 was the toughest. I definitely like Eddie Murphy's song better, though I'd never heard of it.  However that LMFAO was pretty stupid in all the right reasons for me and I was amused.  It almost got my vote, but this is about music.  I also couldn't bring myself to vote for Wilson Phillips vs. Weezer.  I wasn't familiar with that Weezer song, but being that I enjoyed them well enough in High School, they felt like the right choice since I definitely enjoyed  the song.  Nothing against Wilson Phillips, it's just their form of Adult Contemporary just feels to "cookie cutter" for the genre for me.

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