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Bootleg Power supplies


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31 minutes ago, nrslam said:

Replacement power supplies for old systems are so common I don't think of them as bootlegs.

Well I wouldn't either, but this is clearly a knock-off of Nintendo's own power supply. Nintendo uses the HVC code, this code is HUC. The design looks extremely similar to the design Nintendo used, check out the Mitsuoka D.S. on the real supply versus the alteration on this one. Even got the Japanese label text on the bottom.

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I have a 220V adapter for the Sega/Victor Wondermega, which isn't really a bootleg since the Wondermega only came with a 110V adapter for Japan. I honestly thought it was official when I bought it, but the sticker and the internals are definitely not. I guess at one point some units were imported in HK and they made a compatible adapter. Not even sure this is fine for the Wondermega or it actually damages it in the long run.


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