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Wondering on how much this Diddy Kong Racing (N64) variant is worth


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Hello! This is my first post on here, as I have a question about something I've managed to get my hands on.

So I've managed to get my hands on this rare and interesting variant of Diddy Kong Racing sealed.

If you look on the photos below, you see that it is a regular edition of Diddy Kong Racing, but it's sealed with the old "Player Selects Million Seller" and "Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences 1997-1998 Racing Game of the Year" stickers on the seal. Also if you look at a the 3rd photo, you can barely see the "Only for" part of the regular edition box, and not the Player Selects box. You can also look up Regular Edition box art here and the Player Select Edition box art here as well as sealed versions of regular and players choice editions.

So from what I've heard, the story behind this is that there was a time where Diddy Kong Racing has reached the sales threshold to reprint the game with "Player's Choice" slapped on the box and cartridge, but they still have a certain amount regular edition prints waiting to be assembled. So they sealed the regular copies as usual and then they slapped the "Players Choice" and "Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences" stickers on the sealed anyway so they can get rid of the regular editions to make room for the players choice edition. 

I also wanted to share photos of the wear and tear, which unfortunately I can't send this game to get graded due to the slight box damage. I'm hoping to get an appraisal value of this game so I can bring it with me to Retro Gaming Expo in Portland to hopefully uptrade for some goodies.

What would you price this game for if you were to have this exact copy in your hands? I'd gladly answer any other questions you guys have. Thank you all for your input!





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I have a cruisin usa box in my collection of the regular edition with players choice sticker on it that I got from eBay from a seller clearing out former rental boxes


I thought it was neat, I kinda thought it was up to the retailer to put the sticker on old stock, and this probably came from a place that sold new games as well as pre owned(my thought is blockbuster but not sure, no sticker on the back of the box)


But Diddy has a sticker for 98 racing game of the year too, so maybe it is from a factory? or maybe a poor retail employee had to stick on 2x the stickers 😕 definitely interested in hearing more if anyone knows the story.

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1 hour ago, dogbowl said:

Theres no reason you couldn't send that game in to get graded....

I don't understand the wear around the sticker/box at the top right.  Is that wear on the box (underneath the cellophane) or is that where somebody tried to remove the sticker?




If you look at the other photos, you can see that the box is damaged (probably squished by weight on top of the box, poor thing).


I'm not sure about the sticker part. I have no idea on what happened there

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