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Nebs n Debs


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Been playing through Nebs n Debs recently, what a really fun game it seems to be!

The one thing I am somewhat confused about, and hoping that someone can assist with (my version of the game is the Famicom version, with a Japanese manual). How does one execute multiple dashes? Doing a search online suggests that running into the crystals allows one to execute multiple dashes, but how about with the control scheme? Do you have to hit the button at a certain time or wait for the other dash to be complete or what to execute it properly?

I was able to do it a few times, but each time I wasn't exactly sure *what* I did to execute it, and it seems such dashes will become most important in the later levels.


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32 minutes ago, koifish said:

It's a pun stemming from the similarity of the name to the word "manual".

I would have thought as much myself except...

16 hours ago, fcgamer said:

(my version of the game is the Famicom version, with a Japanese manual). 


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I see Manuel pop up on ebay so often I'm surprised they're not shut down for trafficking. 🙂


I think I'd have a better shot at reading enough Japanese at this rate than dave would, until it gets into kanji considering it was stolen from chinese (mandarin I believe.)

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Nebs 'n Debs is probably my favourite NES homebrew game.

Speaking of "forced second quests", that game's approach to the second loop is also perfect IMO. The first loop is pretty much the tutorial, where you get near infinite tries on every stage because of the 1ups you can pick up along the way.

Then the second loop goes "hey cool, now let's see if you can do it without failing all the time!". The stages are the same, but the stakes are much higher.

It's a beefy game because learning the stages and making it through takes a while. But once you do nail a stage, it's lightning fast. A speedrun through the game takes like five minutes, it's perfect.

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