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Ultra NES


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This is the Ultra Nintendo Entertainment System:

  • Famicom cartridge slot
  • Famicom disk slot
  • NES cartridge slot
  • Game Boy cartridge slot
  • Super Famicom/Super NES cartridge slot with Super Game Boy and Super Game Boy 2 compatibility
  • Nintendo 64 cartridge slot
  • Game Boy Color cartridge slot
  • Game Boy Advance cartridge slot
  • Gamecube/Wii/Wii U disc reader
  • Nintendo GameCube memory card slot
  • 4 Famicom ports
  • 4 NES control ports
  • 2 Super Famicom/Super NES control ports
  • 4 N64 control ports
  • 4 GameCube controller ports
  • 4 Wii/Wii U control ports
  • AC adapter
  • 4 wireless controllers
  • Ultra HD light gun
  • Instruction manual
  • Setup poster
  • HDMI cable
  • 4K Ultra High Definition capability
  • Game Genie compatibility
  • GameShark compatibility
  • Action Replay compatibility
  • Game Action Replay compatibility
  • Pro Action Replay compatibility
  • Datach Joint ROM system compatibility
  • Barcode Battler compatibility
  • Sufami Turbo compatibility
  • Aladdin Game Enhancer compatibility
  • Console knob
Edited by Mario_Friend1982
Doubled the number of Famicom & NES controller ports and made the HD gun an Ultra HD light gun.
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9 hours ago, OptOut said:

I want to play this system so badly, when will you go into production with the final consumer-ready units? Also, how much will it cost, I am very rich so I can pay a lot of money for a product like this!

It doesn't exist. This is what I had in mind for Nintendo.

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Still think you should just have four NES/SNES controller ports and do away with the need for the multitaps. The AVS and the Analogue Nt went that route.

Also, when you say Famicom/NES control ports, you do realize that those are two completely different ports, right?

Edited by Tulpa
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Good to see you made it over to the site,  and brought this with..   Thinking about this,  with all the cartridge slots,  disk drive, multiple controller ports,   internal hardware and components, this thing is going to be the size of a microwave.  Would you be willing to try some changes?  Maybe just go 4 standard ports and sell adaptors,  or don't include 4 controllers and include a controller cube multi-port adaptor (patent pending). A wireless rechargeable cube shaped adaptor with 4 ports for each system per side giving 24 total ports.     ? Thoughts? 

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