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U.S. NTSC Sega 32X Collectors Guide


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Since no one else has posted it, and for the sake of posterity, I've scraped the original 32X collecting guide from SeagAge (RIP), verbatum. All credit to user madhatter for the original list.

Cartridge games and contents

All games came in a boxes made with bleached(white) cardboard except where noted. Most of the games came with a Sega Visions magazine subscription/registration card and a Sega Gear clothing catalog. 

  1. After Burner Complete Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  2. BC Racers  Brown cardboard box variant
  3. Blackthorne Brown cardboard box variant
  4. Brutal: Above The Claw None
  5. Cosmic Carnage Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  6. Doom Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  7. Golf Magazine: 36 Great Holes Starring Fred Couples Special Sega Sports Edition of Golf Magazine, Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  8. Knuckles' Chaotix  Visions Registration(WA 11 Variant), Sega Gear catalog
  9. Kolibri Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  10. Metal Head Visions Registration
  11. Mortal Kombat II Acclaim Dream Team poster, game specific registration card
  12. Motocross Championship Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  13. NBA Jam Tournament Edition Black Acclaim plastic case, Acclaim Dream Team poster, game specific registration card
  14. NFL Quarterback Club Black Acclaim plastic case, Defense/Offense poster, game specific registration card
  15. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Pitfall 32X poster
  16. Primal Rage Brown cardboard variant, Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  17. RBI Baseball '95 "A Whole Season of RBI" contest entry card
  18. Shadow Squadron Sega Gear catalog
  19. Space Harrier Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  20. Spider-Man: Web of Fire Visions Registration(WA 11 Variant), Sega Gear catalog
  21. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  22. Star Wars Arcade Visions Registration
  23. T-Mek Brown cardboard variant, Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  24. Tempo Visions Registration
  25. Toughman Contest Special moves card, EA registration card, Butterbean card
  26. Virtua Fighter Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  27. Virtua Racing Deluxe Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog
  28. World Series Baseball Starring Deion Sanders Sega Saturn registration card
  29. WWF RAW Black Acclaim plastic case, Acclaim Dream Team poster, game specific registration card
  30. WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game Black Acclaim plastic case, Acclaim Dream Team poster(Possibly black/silver Acclaim poster), game specific registration card
  31. Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 Visions Registration, Sega Gear catalog

CD 32X games and contents

  1. Fahrenheit  Double pack - Includes Sega CD version of game, Sega CD/Saturn style plastic longbox, no inserts

The Digital Pictures Sega CD 32X games were all released in a cardboard gatefold box. They were published and developed by Digital Pictures but distributed by Acclaim. All four titles had the exact same contents: "More Cool Stuff!" Digital Pictures clothing card, "Rough Day?" Digital Pictures catalog, and a Digital Pictures temporary tattoo.

  1. Corpse Killer
  2. Night Trap
  3. Slam City with Scottie Pippen
  4. Supreme Warrior


There are at least seven(!) different package variations of the console, quite a bit for such a short shelf life.

billybob884's note: See my console box variant thread here for more 32X box variants and better pictures.

Launch model 


$10 coupon model


Star Wars






Virtua Fighter



Canadian model w/Virtua Fighter



Refurbished w/Doom and Cosmic Carnage


Everything Else

  1. Virtua Fighter Training Pack A promotional pack that sold in stores. It included a seven minute game tip VHS that highlighted the game and upcoming 32x games. It also included a $20 coupon for the game(or $40 for the system), and a white X-Large Virtua Fighter shirt.
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6 hours ago, billybob884 said:

@twiztor Very nice! Is this your personal collection?

it is indeed. top labels from a seller on eBay (there was another discussion thread here where someone linked to his account) but i made it my goal in 2018 to finish up the set. i'm a loose collector and just let go of the boxes/manuals i had acquired on my way to this one. 

thanks for all the work you've put into archiving this overlooked stuff!

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Great list @billybob884 - I love the listing of all the extra inserts.  I'll go through my CIB set this weekend and compare notes.   

One item of note - I did check the contents on my Web of Fire and it had one of the "Sega Saturn" registration cards in it (i.e. the one you have pictured for World Series).  I haven't touched the contents, so that's what mine had in it when I bought it in 2009.  Now, I got it second-hand, but it came from a collector back then (and is in immaculate condition).  Web of Fire came out after World Series, so it would at least seem to make sense that if they had moved on from the Visions inserts for World Series the same would hold true for Web of Fire.   

Or it could just be a Sega crapshoot. 😄

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