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I gotta say, this is pretty cool. And to the people that put this together, kudos. It is so easy for people to get steam rolled, and things to fade away, but you guys stepped up and did something about it. 

Nintendoage was starting to remind me of Urban Outfitters. I used to go to U/O because my gf liked to shop there. From the very first time I walked in that store, I felt uncomfortable and a little sick. I would always rush my pissed off gf out of the store because I couldn't stand it so much. I would look around and see things from my child hood in the 90's being repurposed and there was something disturbing about it. It kind of felt like my life experience was cheapened a little bit by a corporation  making a buck off of small iconic things from the past although it didn't have any flavor. The things there felt concentrated and sanitized without any heart. 

Anyway, these people buying their way into a hobby and trying to co-opt it with no heart have that same toxicity. It is like a slow poison that you don't realize is taking effect. 

Congrats on giving birth to this creation, I am sure this will take some hard work and money to maintain, but at the end of the day we are social creatures, this is a community, and you guys are adding to life by creating this positive space.

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