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is UK Graders respected like wata/vga?

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Im considering using UKG for a sealed super mario bros for PAL NES and also a brand new nes action set and maybe a megaman 3 and a new megadrive console. I dont feel comfortable sending these beauties to america and worry very much about customs touching them, or worse still, opening them!


So Im limited to UKG, has anyone else used them and was it a good service? If you buy wata/vga would you consider a ukg graded game to be equal to a wata/vga graded item or would you consider it inferior?


Thank you.

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From what I can tell, UKG are mainly for those wanting to grade from the UK, with the convenience of localness and avoiding the risks of posting to overseas. For people in other countries who collect Pal games, I believe VGA is still more preferred than UKG.

I can speak on behalf of collectors in Australia, and over here I still see VGA being the primary company for graded  new/sealed games. UKG being a distant second over in Oz.

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