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  1. Reading down the list of posts, I am surprised how many pple are ripping on your listing. It looks like some have taken a step further by reporting your listing for keyword/browse manipulation. You may want to edit your title fast!! I agree, spamming the title on ebay is rampant and can confuse pple new to the hobby. The titles I find funny are the ones that read "VGA graded, not Wata" or vis versa. Anyone with half a brain know the difference between a VGA and Wata slab looks like. Now if it were VGA vs P1. I can see how pple can get confuse. Last but not least VGG, example listing here. I don't know how anyone would confuse this for a Wata slab lol.
  2. Q1: Does the number 836 mean the amount of pple in agreement with his/her statement? Edit: Nvm Q2. I figured it out.
  3. link here Anyone watch or participate in tonight's auction? I saw the bid jumped from $5,000 to $10,000. I have to say, they appeared to be in remarkable condition despite the hole in the case.
  4. I noticed this too. They all moved up/down the latter. However you look at it.
  5. Today, I received my shipment notice and FedEx email. Feels like I will be getting my Christmas presents early. Actual TAT: 126 business days. Better late than never.
  6. A rare gem this is. I wonder what prevented this from being a 10 or 9.8?
  7. Its not difficult to figure out. I'll give you a clue, the sellers feedback percentage is 99.3%.
  8. I had a gut feeling I wouldn't get my games back in Sept. Now it seems I won't be getting them back by X-mas. This may seem unimportant right now but Wata should rename there service levels to match the TAT more accurately. SpeedRun - "when a collection can’t live without." They should rephrase this too. Next, add 2 more service levels. Finally, continue hiring new employees for every position.
  9. My god there's more!?!?! Holy Toledo! I've died and gone to South America. *figuratively speaking* Did he say how he c0me across this treasure? What else did he come across? The flag emoji looks like Venezuela. After I spotted the Sonic2 listing, I randomly came across a sold Super Nintendo Kiosk and sold Cyberpunk 2077 PlayStation 4 bulk copies of 120x, 150x, 250x, 500x2.
  10. Disclaimer: Sadly not mine but I felt like sharing this discovery. Found listing here. I wonder what other treasures are hiding in Venezuela...
  11. New blood has entered the arena and bid stands at $85,100. Number of watchers up too.
  12. Haha I have been waiting since 4/23. You got plenty of time.
  13. This is why I never bid over 3 digits. Yes, I know I am cheap. I can live with several hundred dollars loss but not like $750,000-$800,000. Yikes, no!
  14. As for my quest from yesterday, I found 7/16 bidders. The rest i assume are sellers from other auction houses, idk. Almost all of the ones I spotted were in the nes video games category lol. I wont be naming names but it is fun figuring them out. Edit: 8/17 bidders
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