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  1. I think inasuma means quality control issues. Like the time I found human hair in several slabs. Not 100% certain its human hair but with millions of dollars in video games being examined. I don't believe they would allow animals inside their facility or maybe they do allow some furballs inside. The other issue I haven't experienced *knock on wood* but would assume exists in the realm of possibility is the slabs having some sort of issue. Like cracks, chips, scuff marks, etc.
  2. Yes, this applies to sellers with absolutely no integrity and screwed me out of numerous deals by deep pocket buyers. If I was OP, this game go straight to my collection. No media post, nothing. When it comes to rare specimens such as this, I'm like Taneleer Tivan from the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm thinking Heritage think his game is worth more than all of yours. I was reading your comment on the first page but couldn't figure out how Heritage knew to reject your game based off your conversation with the "expert" member here. Was he/she in cahoots with Heritage?
  3. Wrong choice of words. Not keyword spamming, its search manipulation. I had to look up the policy. "Manipulating search results to gain unfair visibility of a listing is not allowed", "Using keywords that are not directly related to the item for sale is not allowed." The 1st definition applies to this seller. If you search brand new Sega or Gameboy games. The seller's listings are mixed in with everything else. Effectively ruining ebay's search results. Now the 2nd definition can apply to everyone writing "Wata no VGA" or "VGA no Wata" in their titles. Or this one, "VGG no Wata". I'm certain nobody will mix up Wata slab for VGG's haha.
  4. If you really want to track just what you collect. Copy/paste or data scrap past sales to a spreadsheet.
  5. I saw that. Keyword spamming Search manipulation but it could backfire on the seller. If a buyer opens a chargeback, claiming false advertisement by not receiving the "Nintendo Sega Gameboy" with their purchase.
  6. Saw this the other day and felt like sharing. Someone sold a sealed copy of Day Dreamin' Davey NES for $89.99. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't this game valued in the thousands?
  7. Nothing to be alarmed about. Wata grades many first/third party seals. In my own collection, I have documented over 18 of them.
  8. LINK I can't be the only one who has seen this, right? The title needs revising unless seller did it on purpose? I could of swore I saw the same link under a different username before. The seller's website is offering a low low price of 1200 but I feel its a scam. I'm not going to lie, I was tempted to buy this off ebay the day I first saw this but feel like I was going to receive an empty box. Either seller knows this is worth more or knows nothing like John Snow. Like the other day, I was searching recent sold snes listings and came across a Super Castlevania IV listing. The seller sold the game for 600. Upon doing my own inspection, I noticed this was a made in Japan version. I thought whoever bought this game scored big time. Well two days later, seller twobrothersgames posts a SCIV game matching the same description and wants 15,000 for it.
  9. Very impressive! I like your nes collection in the 'hard to see' background.
  10. Earlier today at a restaurant. Of all the subjects I was hearing pple discussing, this one couple sitting behind me was intriguing. This guy said he sold his used Nike shoes on ebay for 500 bucks. Then the woman responded "nice" and "don't forget to report it to the IRS." Then I heard him say "umm no." Then I heard the woman giggle or laugh and reply, "you dork, anything you earn online must be reported to the IRS." After they left, this got me thinking... 1. Who would buy used Nike shoes for 500 bucks? 2. What the woman said about any income must be reported to IRS, is true or false? If true, what is the point of having a $600 limit?
  11. On Mar 20, DoctorEncore posted in my topic link here. The karate kid was advertised on there Instagram a year ago but I couldn't find it. I did find the link to Wolverine 10.0 link here.
  12. Looks like my wata pop report topic died lol. So, I will merge my thoughts here than. Another game joining the karate kid in the nes 10.0 club. Congratz to the sender.
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