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3 Screw Donkey Kong - repaired?


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Haven't seen this before, wanted to see if it was special.

I got this 3 screw Donkey Kong in a lot of games. The back has a sticker which is partially missing, but I can read 'Service Product...has been factory....repaired'(?)

I opened it up and it has stickers on the chips.

I'm guessing it was faulty and the owner sent it in to Nintendo to get it repaired, is that right? Something else?

As a bonus, the previous owner must have poured some Pepsi in it because dang, the insides are sticky.

Luckily the pins were fine and the game works.






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Maybe the Nintendo service team had a big stockpile of EPROMs to use for service calls on their arcade machines. And my guess if that general consumers probably did not make many warranty requests for NES cartridges, people probably just tossed them out if they thought they were defective. Given the low volume of returned product, Nintendo probably didn’t see it practical to stock replacement mask roms for NES games

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5 hours ago, Code Monkey said:

That is super cool, I think there are only about 10 known 3 screw variants of this game, is that right? This adds to the story they were all refurbished.

DK and DK Jr were all re-printed in late 87 for Xmas.  That should be the source for ALL 3 screw DKs.  DK Jr. Math was NEVER reprinted AFAIK.  Every 3 screw DK Jr Math has had a date code of 86 which is where they were all printed the first time.  

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