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Final Fantasy 2 SNES Legit or reseal?


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1 hour ago, CIB_Wholesale_no_split said:

edgewear and boxwear and shrinkwrap wear should line up together ... ask to take more pics near the flaps

I am probably gonna met him in person so i am gonna be able to able to check the game first. Its just strange to see so much breaking color wear on the box 

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Member · Posted

It's a fair copy, even still.  If you have a good working relationship with this guy and are still interested, tell him the details shared hear and ask him if he's willing to open it on pick-up.  Maybe before hand give him a fair price range, depending on condition of contents.

He might not get the price he was hoping for, but this is straight up a CIB copy.  If he is legit, he should accept that.  If I were in his shoes, I'd personally remove the wrapping right away, and verify it's truly a 100% complete copy.

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On 3/3/2022 at 4:00 PM, final fight cd said:

i'm not questioning people's judgement on this, but why would somebody reseal a beat ass copy of a game?

Could have been a retail store or distributor many years ago. Sometimes distributors have damaged wrap items or store --> distro returns that get resealed. And small retail operations do...whatever the owner/employee wants to do, so anything is possible.

I agree with others that suspect a reseal here. Hard to know definitively from the photos provided but I would be surprised if it was a legit seal. Box has a lot of edge wear that looks inconsistent with a factory seal.

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