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A club for the appreciation of retro and modern fighting games.
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  2. Would this game still be huge, if this moment never happened?
  3. A few months ago, a SNES modder by the handle of Gizaha discovered while reverse-engineering the game's source code a convoluted sequence of steps that would unlock a playable version of Shin Akuma. The steps you need to take are: Beat arcade mode on any difficulty and earn enough points to score at the top of the leaderboard Enter the initials KAJ When you return back to the title screen, choose Arcade or Versus mode while holding down L+X+Y+Start on the player 2 controller until the character select screen appears Highlight Akuma at the character select screen, hold down Start, and press a button to choose him. If you did everything right, Akuma's gi will change color to Shin Akuma's color. From what I've read, unlocking Shin Akuma bugs out the arcade mode, so perhaps this is why this secret code was never made public back in the day.
  4. Those are good suggestions. A tournament would be dependent on how many VGS people own SFV and want to participate, but a private lobby could be set-up whenever as long as there are 2+ people interested. With either a tournament or private lobby, the VGS discord (I believe) should allow for voice-chat among participants.
  5. Would anyone be intersted in setting up some kind of tournament for fun when they add that feature into SF5 or we could set up a private lobby sometime for everyone to join and play for fun?? I would enjoy a little competition from some of our VGS members
  6. Really nice Street Fighter collection, definitely one of my favorite games, i was between 8th grade and high school during the SF2 prime, and spent many a day in the arcade dropping quarters, i was pretty good for my area, I play SF5 online now and i get stuck around silver rank, my old school combos dont add up in the newer versions, but i still like playing, I found that i win the most using E Honda which i found odd because i always used Ken, ryu, sagat
  7. Here are my old photos for the NintendoAge Street Fighter collection award badge. Since those photos I've added a CIB copy of Capcom Generations Vol 5 (Street Fighter) & Street Fighter Zero 3 for the Saturn and a NFR SNES cart of Street Fighter 2 Turbo.
  8. Man last time I played 3rd Strike I couldn't parry anything. Moment #37 was definitely ultra hype, one could only dream of being this good.
  9. For the first topic of the Fighting Game Dojo, there is no better subject to look back on than EVO Moment 37. It is one of the first iconic eSports moments, solidified Daigo Umehara as one of the most famous fighting game pro-players, and is credited with saving the fighting game genre. At the 2004 Evolution Championship Series Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike tournament, Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong faced off against each other at loser's finals. During round 3 of the first match, Wong (using Chun-Li) had whittled Umehara's (using Ken) life bar down to a single pixel. After some back and forth positioning, Wong executed his super move to close out the match. What happened next is considered the greatest comeback in eSports: Daigo was able to parry (a high-risk, high reward defensive move that requires the player to tap his character towards the opponent when the hit lands) all 15 of Chun-li's super move hits, then follow up with a counter attack to win the match. Daigo was able to achieve this difficult feat in a clutch moment surrounded by hundreds of screaming audience members. Before ubiquitous camera phones this scene could've been lost or forgotten, but the match was captured on camera and uploaded by EVO as a promotional highlight. It was given the name "EVO Moment 37" to suggest that such events were common to drum up hype for EVO 2005. Looking back at EVO Moment 37, Justin Wong recalled how that event helped to save the fighting game community: The EVO Moment 37 video captured and distilled the thrill of eSports down to it's purest form. I think it is safe to say had this moment not occurred or was never recorded for the world to see, the modern fighting game genre and professional gaming would look very different than it does today. Further reading/watching: TheScore retrospective on EVO Moment 37: https://youtu.be/klaWV-szmnY ESPN - The legacy of EVO Moment 37: https://www.espn.com/esports/story/_/id/17391663/daigo-jwong-legacy-street-fighter-moment-37 Alternative video of EVO Moment 37 discovered in 2019: https://youtu.be/Kg1xPOUn7vQ

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