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Featured Member June 2023: Sumez

Reed Rothchild


(this interview took place over 6+ months)


What brought you to VGS/NA

I don't remember the exact context, but I was looking for Discord servers with other NES and SNES homebrewers. I joined the NA one at the same time as the dedicated actual NES Homebrew one, and ended up spending more time in NA's Brewery channel than I did the more focused discord. The latter has way more activity, and is incredibly good when you are actually working actively on a project and need people to share your thoughts with - but the Brewery is just much more casual, and felt like a place to just hang out with people with similar interests, moreso than, well, a support channel. It doesn't see much activity, but I like the mood there.

I'd been participating in the actual NA forum in the past and without going into too much details, I'll just say I wasn't fond of the general attitude there, so I stuck to the Brewery Discord chat, ignoring everything else. Then, when NA went belly-up and the almighty Gloves started a new forum, the NA discord just got converted into a VGS discord. I wasn't following NA at all, so I honestly had absolutely no idea all of this was going on. But Gloves somehow managed to goad me into giving the forum a chance, and so far I haven't been able to find my way out yet!
To be honest, I think he's doing a great job at making everything about this place constantly better, and in 2022 when almost every other internet forum has been reduced to ghost towns and dusty relics of the past, that is honestly quite impressive!

What's the story behind your username?

Story you say? It all began back in 1999 when I was playing this weird Korean MMORPG which had a very strong focus on community and actual roleplay, and I needed to think of a name for my character that sounded like something a fantasy character would be called, while being unique enough that no one else would have used it.
The internet username I'd normally been using up to that point was inspired by my affection for the Monkey Island series, but I was barely a teenager when I first came up with it, and not too proficient in English, so I had no idea that "monkey" in certain contexts is slang for beating your meat, which made that name come acr...

Actually nevermind, it's just a Final Fantasy character spelled backwards.

Story behind your avatar?

If I haven't already made it clear over my past 3000 posts that I'm a massive fan of Rainbow Islands, I'll consider my presence here a massive failure. 😄
The picture I'm using is actually from an unused animation of Bub standing on the slanted edge of a rainbow. I think it's cute and shows my dedication to the game. There is also another really interesting unused animation in the game, but it's probably not family friendly enough to share here.

Wife? Husband? Kids? Pet goats?

I live with my girlfriend of 13 years, and we don't...  currently have any kids, but eh, by the time this will be posted, we will have a son actually. Now that you know this, everyone who reads it will need to congratulate me to avoid coming across like heartless bastards. 😆
I don't have any husband yet, but we do have a pet dog, Bowie, who is incredibly adorable. Easily best pup in the world.


Well, congratulations!  As the proud father of three little boys, let me tell you, when you're being constantly peed, pooped, and thrown up on, just remind yourself it will all be worth it later when you have your own homegrown labor force and/or co-op video game buddy/buddies.

What do you do for a living?

What do loser nerds like me usually do? I'm a programmer of course. 😆

Top ten games of all time and why?

Gaming is such a diverse platform with so many potential qualities, I've long given up on picking absolute "favourites".
I'll happily list ten unordered titles that I feel represent my taste the best, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of other games that might be just as good or better. As well as ten others that I just forgot.

Final Fantasy VI - Dark Souls - Rainbow Islands - Tetris: The Grand Master 2 - Super Mario Galaxy - Ghouls 'n Ghosts - The Ninja Warriors Again - Zelda 3 - Super Metroid - Dracula X: Rondo of Blood


Favorite franchise?

I honestly don't really feel attachment to any franchises as a whole. There are ones with many games I love, but I'll always approach each game individually, whether we're talking Mario, Contra, Castlevania, Souls, Bubble Bobble, and so on.
Even if I do pick an absolute favourite out of obligation, I don't think it'll mean a whole lot - But I guess I'll take the opportunity to shout out Dragon Quest, which is a series that I think more than almost any other franchise actually benefits strongly from never failing to rely on all the same familiar components, even within the spinoffs. Playing any Dragon Quest game always feels like "coming back home" in a way that few other video game series have ever managed to replicate.

Favorite console?

The NES, SNES, and PC Engine kinda form a trifecta to me, all 10/10 systems.
SNES for its massively solid library of timeless games, NES for being the best representative of my most favourite era in video games, and the PC Engine for its strong representation of the style of games that I appreciate the most.
Though if I had to pick one that feels like the most "personal" choice, I'd probably have to go with the NES, even though it's probably also the least interesting answer, at least in the context of this forum. 🙂

Own any arcade machines?

I have just a single Astro City cabinet, but nearly a couple hundred original arcade games to go into it. I also have a pinball table (Whitewater), I guess that counts as an arcade machine, too.

You put together some kind of Tetris event, correct?

Yeah! I haven't been involved for a few years for Covid and now newborn baby reasons, but I think the last one I was in charge of turned out extremely succesful. The Stream has been saved here.
This was also right before the "rolling" technique changed the playing field forever, and of course before we sadly lost Jonas Neubauer. 😞

Rank every FromSoftware game, go.

Goes without saying Cookie & Cream is on top.

The rest (indisputably, of course) go like this:

Metal Wolf Chaos, Dark Souls, the soundtrack to Evergrace, Dark Souls 3, Elden Ring, Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 2, King's Field 2, Shadow Tower, King's Field 4, Sekiro, Shadow Tower Abyss, Enchanted Arms, Kuon, King's Field 3, Lost Kingdoms, Lost Kingdoms 2, Eternal Ring, King's Field, Deracine, Echo Night, Echo Night Beyond, Ninja Blade, Otogi 2, Echo Night 2, Shadow Assault: Tenchu, Chromehounds, Murakumo, Frame Gride, Monster Hunter Diary, Otogi, Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, Yoshitsune Eiyuden, Gundam Unicorn, Another Century's Episode 1/2/3, the rest of Evergrace, Spriggan, Forever Kingdom, Thousand Land

Let's just put all the Armored Core games at the bottom, because can't be bothered sorting through them, and who really likes big badass robot fights anyway?

Okay, are you trolling me with Metal Wolf Chaos?  You must be... but now I'm (more) intrigued, dammit.

Well, kinda. It's a pretty fun game, but it's pretty much what you'd expect. 😛

PS1 or Saturn or N64

Not a big fan of that generation in general. PS1 is the obvious choice for me based on the game library, but I always found the console itself awkward, and I really don't like the loading times.
Saturn had a lot of great arcade ports for its time, but few of those really have any relevance nowadays, when better ways of playing the same games have become available.

Cube or PS2 or Xbox?

PS2 ended up with the better library due to being much more commercially succesful, but I think that's obvious to anyone. I don't have nearly as many GC games, but the console itself is the cutest, so we'll call it a tie.

360 or Wii or PS3?

Xbox 360 by a mile. Lots of fantastic exclusives, and always fared well with any multiplatform title. One of the most comfortable controllers of all time (despite the garbage D-pad). And a surprisingly amazing library of arcade shooters. It was the generation where Microsoft somehow managed to have it all.

Vita or 3DS?

The Vita is nice, but doesn't have too much to offer outside of horny anime games. While that's a strong pull of course, I'll have to go with the 3DS on this one. It has twice as many screens, and 1.5 times as many dimensions.

DS or PSP?

DS, absolutely. Disc-based media on a handheld, what the hell Sony?

XBONE or PS4 or Switch?

While I have many more games on PS4, the Switch is the first video game platform in several generations that I actually felt like I really enjoy for reasons outside of just the game library itself. 
Being able to play games handheld makes it so much easier for me to pop in a few sessions every now and then and during commutes, and having a physical media that's not mechanical is a big advantage over the others. Of course it's not as powerful, but I think actually focusing on a library that's not centered around wowing you with technical advancements is really just another plus in my book. I usually don't have much patience for big AAA stuff.
As for the Xbone, I've never actually seen one in real life. Did anyone buy one?

Stupidest question your client/help desk/project manager/boss/whoever has ever asked you?

One that comes to mind was one time I was trying to find the the reason why a coworker couldn't save a design template she was working on in a system I helped develop.
She had no idea what could be going wrong so I had to come up and see her go through the process on her computer, telling her to go slowly through each step - Yet three times in a row she managed to completely instinctively dismiss a warning popup that came up every time, telling her exactly what was going wrong.

I'll admit it's not a particularly funny story, but I think it's a very interesting example in regard to UI design, and one I always think back on whenever a client requests that we add a warning message to prevent people from accidentally performing certain actions wrong. People just never read popups, and that's something developers need to accept 😆

How's the new life as a busy and stressed father?

Do you want to see a picture? Of course you want to see a picture!


I'm spending my life in a continuous loop between going to work, walking the dog, entertaining the baby, eating dinner, and sleeping!
What little time I have for video games is squeezed into my daily commute, or the occasional hour in the night before I go to bed.

How much sleep are you averaging a night?

Starting a few months ago, our kid started sleeping through nearly every night. I'd say we're pretty fortunate, but the downside is that he sleeps very little outside that 😩
He usually falls asleep somewhere between 22 and midnight, and sleeps until 6 or 7 in the morning. Naps during the day usually last around 3 minutes, with only the rare and occasional lucky 30 minute break 🥴.
This makes the days extremely exhausting, and we tend to take turns to let each other gets naps while the little one refuses to, so while I do feel like I'm super tired all the time, I also manage to catch nearly 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep most nights.

Beer, wine, or liquor?

I'll drink anything, but I especially love a really good beer, usually something strong, light, and bitter, like a Belgian triple.
As for liquor, I prefer something good and interesting on the rocks, rather than a cocktail. Maybe a good whiskey, or even a high-end vodka. though those are hard to come by around here. If I do go for a cocktail, it would ideally be something not too sweet. Like maybe a basic gin&tonic or dark and stormy?
I'll drink wine as well, but I don't pretend to have much of a preference. I try to remember the label when I taste a great red wine, but I'm never able to.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee all the way. I'm not even much of an aficionado, it's more of a passive addition, and I'll take a cappuccino with sugar, thanks. Tea just seems pointless to me.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

At this point I don't care. Like most people of my generation I have a special relationship to the original trilogy, but literally anything based on the franchise released since then has only helped dragging it down into Hollywood mediocrity. Except maybe some of the games? I loved Jedi Knight and Rogue Squadron.
I could never get into Star Trek, as a kid I always thought it looked goofy, and the low budget was quite apparent. But I have a lot of respect for the original vision of the first few series, and I like to "enjoy" the best aspects of the show vicariously through actual fans - as long as I don't have to watch an episode myself. TNG alone has seven seasons of 26 episodes, 45 minutes each. No way I'll ever get through it 😔

Favorite book?

Oh shit you got me there. I'm a dork and I don't read much because I'm terrible at maintaining focus on just one thing for a prolonged time. Throughout my life I'd still say I have read a lot of good books, but I've never felt as attached to any of them as I have to my favourite pieces of other media. I think House of Leaves ranks pretty high due to what a crazy unique experience reading it was, but we both know I'm just namedropping it to sound hip. Honestly, I'm pretty fond of Lord of the Rings too.
If we wanna go into comic books, I've been shaped throughout all my childhood by Carl Barks' duck comics. Pretty much all of his stories are incredibly dear to my heart, and even re-reading them as an adult it's crazy to me how well both the storytelling and humor still holds up, and the guy managed to churn out nearly a thousand of them! What an insane storyteller!

I actually have a copy of House of Leaves waiting for me.  My boss gave it to me because his wife hated it so much she didn't want it in the house anymore.  Which makes it more intriguing to me, if anything.

What made it sound intriguing to me was a friend telling me that if I read it I need to get my own copy so I could make notes in it as I went along.
I ended up making no notes at all, so I'm sure that means a ton of stuff just went completely over my head 😅

Did you read The Silmarillion?

Did anyone?

Favorite musician/album/song?

Guess what? I can't pick one. I love music, but I also love many artists for wildly different reasons, and what I listen to varies by my mood.
Usually I'd say my favourite albums are a threeway tie between Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures, Ultravox's Vienna, and Einstürzende Neubauten's Halber Mensch, but that's something I settled on so long ago it's hard to remember exactly what makes them stand above all the rest. Other good suggestions would be Honky Dory by David Bowie, or Fear of Music by Talking Heads.

Favorite movie?

Just like with the other subjects, it's hard to really pick one movie. I really want to say Mulholland Drive, because it's a movie that just really feels like it was designed entirely for me and me alone. I love David Lynch, and Mulholland Drive is the most Lynch thing ever, I guess second only to the more recent, but equally brilliant season 3 of Twin Peaks.
Buuuut Brickman already picked that one, so potential runners-up would be Terry Gilliam's Brazil and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Both are movies where I feel like I can just delve into tiny details of each individual scene, and enjoy every single moment of it!


So, being a Lynch guy, what are your thoughts on the Deadly Premonition games?

I love them. I guess my love for the second game is more of an act of pity and/or devotion, but I consider the first one genuinely brilliant. I was already hooked back when it was first announced as "Red Seeds Profile" and was even more of a Twin Peaks knockoff than what we eventually got. I still would love to try that version, but I think it was kinda funny how the game disappeared only to resurface later with the Twin Peaks vibes toned down from "blatantly stealing" to "smeared all over with influence".

If my memory is still working (big assumption), I recall you hailing from Denmark.  Quick, give us five fast facts about your homeland.

  1. Taking my bike on a train will get me most places faster than a car possibly could
  2. Any kind of social gathering will always involve drinking large amounts of beer, there is no way around it
  3. If you ever approach and talk to any stranger for any possible reason here, people will think you're a weirdo and probably a psychopath as well
  4. Lego!
  5. It's probably not interesting enough to warrant five actually interesting facts 😥

The first Danish media that comes to mind is the Pusher trilogy.  Ever seen it?  Maybe that's a stupid question.

So it's not Barbie Girl? That's good. I'm surprised you're familiar with Pusher, actually. I guess it makes sense with Winding Refn's more recent Hollywood success, but those movies have such an inherently "Danish" tone to them, I can imagine it being harder to enjoy them if you aren't familiar with the culture here.
I actually wasn't too interested in the first movie back in the days, but when the first sequel came out (nearly a decade later!) I was pretty hooked. Refn has been a great "ambassador" for the Danish style of cinema, but you can't ignore geniuses like Lars Von Trier or Thomas Vinterberg either. ❤️

Yes, I'd say Refn's raised profile in America probably has something to do with it.  I first discovered the trilogy as part of the New Cult Canon, which unfortunately appears pretty difficult to navigate nowadays.


Lot of really great stuff on that list! 😮

Favorite films he's done?

Actually I think my favourite Refn film is probably Pusher 2. It's funny I only watched Drive very recently. It's eluded me for years, and I had really high expectations of it due to the incredibly praise it's received. And it's really good, don't get me wrong, but after finally watching it I realised it's really just a Hollywood version of the Pusher films 😄

While we're at it, favorite Lars Von Trier film?

My favourite work by Lars Von Trier is his TV series "Riget" (listed as "The Kingdom" in the canon you linked). It's kinda unique in how it's really much less high brow than most of the films he's more famous for internationally, but I love how absolutely groundbreaking it was when it came out.
I was only 11 when the first season aired, and I was equally spellbound and terrified by it. It's basically a horror comedy, but the most memorable parts of it are probably its satirical parodies of the hospital system and its comically exaggerated feud between Denmark and Sweden. It's filmed entirely in a super saturated handheld camera view, and the acting basically feels like it's not acting at all, with characters just lazily delivering their lines in a way that makes them come across more like authentic home recordings (like a found footage film).
That style influenced Danish movies for years after, and it's very evident in the Pusher movies as well, and the Dogma 95 series of movies which I also highly recommend checking out if any of this interests you.

You recently took a vacation to Sweden for a summer festival.  Can I just assume your experience mirrored the plot of Midsommar?

I think that movie paints a very fitting portrait of the Swedish people - they have a great sense of community, and are always willing to sacrifice themselves for eachother.

How many Mulholland Drive viewings did it take for you to catch everything?

Three I think, to be honest. 🤣 First time it made no sense to me at all, but I think Lynch is great at catching you with all the subliminal stuff, building on impressions and emotions to a much bigger degree than anything resembling a narrative structure.
So even though I felt completely unable to connect any dots in my head, you still feel that the connection is there. Honestly, looking at the movie now, I'm kind of surprised how much of it can be reasonably explained with logical sense and purpose. I feel like I have a pretty good idea about what everything that happens represents - but I'm sure David Lynch would be the first person to dismiss the idea that there is one true conclusion.

Rank the Lynch films.

Oh wow, there's actually too many I haven't even watched. Can't tell you why I didn't see Eraserhead or Wild at Heart yet (at least in full), I guess I'm just saving them for a moment where I can really savour the experience?

  1. Mulholland Drive
  2. Twin Peaks The Return - It's basically one big movie, and the only season directed entirely by him
  3. Lost Highway
  4. The Elephant Man
  5. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
  6. Blue Velvet
  7. Inland Empire
  8. Dune

New Dune or Lynch Dune?  Or Jodorowsky Dune.

As much as I'd die to see Jodorowsky's Dune being an actual thing, I think it's hard to top Villeneuve's admittedly much more conventional take. I'm pretty thankful for Denis Villeneuve being a thing in modern Hollywood, as I can't think of any other current directors working on such high profile big budget titles who still manages to retain some sense of integrity and vision. All of his movies range somewhere between "fine" and "amazing", and so far his take on Dune has easily exceeded anything I dared expect from it.

While Lynch's Dune is an amazing trainwreck to behold, you could never argue it's a good movie. I think working with it managed to serve as an important lesson for its director, though. 🙂

Favorite restaurant?

I can't really afford to eat out regularly enough to have any opinion on this 🙂

Favorite vacation spot?

Kinda the same. Whenever I get the rare chance to actually go on a vacation anywhere, that place is my favourite. ☺️

Upcoming game you're looking forward to the most?

Honestly not really anything in the pipeline that really tickles my fancy. What I'm most excited for is probably whatever Tengo Project has in the oven, but nearly nothing has been revealed yet. I'm expecting it's probably gonna be a sequel-slash-remake of Shatterhand, but based on their previous output I'll gladly eat up anything they serve for me.

Other projects on the way that I'm expecting to enjoy are Shinobi Non Grata, Gravity Circuit, Mina the Hollower, Freedom Planet 2, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, and, based on the demo, Sea of Stars seems cool. I'm also being cautiously optimistic about FF7 Rebirth.

Okay, then what is your favorite food?

Depending on my mood it's either Labscouse (sailor's stew), specifically the Danish variant I guess, because a Google Image search gives me some questionable results. Otherwise Lasagna. Everyone loves lasagna, unless you're the villain of a live action Garfield movie or something.

Are you familiar with The Breakfast Club?  It might be a more American-centric thing.

I think it's popular here, not really sure. I'm familiar with the film and I've watched at least half of it I think. 😅

What member of The Breakfast Club Are you?  What character from Twin Peaks are you?


Did you read The Silmarillion?

Did anyone?

Here's my backlog for the year:

Which game in my list do I need to play yesterday and why?

I think you already did the most important ones, but I'll give a shoutout to Prey 2014 then.
It's basically the true sequel to System Shock 2 which Bioshock never managed to live up to. I think it does what a lot of other modern AAA games do where you can pick various specialized paths and then use completely different skills to bypass obstacles - Think the new Deus Ex games if you played those, where you always have the option to pick hacking, action, or stealth for each passage. But what Prey does so much better is that rather just giving you that option (where most players would probably pick the same every time), the usage of those skills feels much more organically implemented into the game's world, and many approaches aren't really immediately obvious until you start asserting the situation - and they are often utilized in very different ways, which means you'll probably switch up your approach much more naturally. At best it feels almost Metroid'ish.
It's a pretty popular game I guess, but given how much praise Bioshock Infinite (unfairly) got, I think it's a crime that it hasn't been more celebrated.

Other fantastic games yet in your backlog:
Nioh, RE2 Remake, Doom Eternal

What was the first game you ever played?

I wish I remember. It might have been Leisure Suit Larry or something to that extent.?

First game you ever owned?

Super Mario Bros. Pretty classic, huh? From the first moment I tried the game I just knew I had to have it. It was obvious to me even as a tiny kid that the game was special. Eventually got an NES with the game bundled at a January clearance sale. It was some weird event where you'd show up outside a department store and people would just claim tickets for the items they were getting rid of.
I went with my mom specifically to hopefully secure an NES. They had only three of them, and the only reason we got one was because of a nice lady standing in front of us, helping out getting attention.

Collect anything besides games?

Don't really consider myself much of a collector, but I do have a lot of records, CD and vinyl. I never buy CDs anymore though, so I just buy the occasional vinyl album when I find something I really need to own.

Favorite piece in your collection(s)?

I can't really pinpoint a single favourite, but I guess my Tetris the Grand Master 2 PCB is pretty high up. I was lucky to pick it up while I could before the price exploded.

I have a bunch of games I'm considering for my 2024 backlog.  Which of these should I select and why:

  • The Witness
  • The Talos Principle
  • Dear Esther
  • Firewatch
  • Into the Breach
  • Inscryption
  • Black Flag
  • Witcher III
  • Moonrider
  • Curse of the Moon 2
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Dragon Quest XI
  • Brave Fencer Musashi
  • Xenogears
  • The Red Star
  • Way of the Samurai
  • Crazy Taxi
  • Tales of Symphonia

Man, looking at that list I think we really have a very similar taste in games. Let's split these up, because I actually haven't played most of them 😔 But there's three of these I'd absolutely consider must-plays that need to go on your list:

The Witness, like Braid before it, is a puzzle game that is kinda unlike anything before it, and makes you use your brain in ways you've never done in a video game before, and that alone makes it remarkable IMO.
The way it takes a basic puzzle concept, and expands it through its own made-up "language" of symbols and other indicators is remarkable, especially in the way it elegantly teaches you the meaning of them organically, allowing you to return to puzzles that made no sense to you previously, suddenly with the skills to solve them.
It's like acquiring new tools in a Zelda game, except the tools is knowledge in your head. How cool is that?

Curse of the Moon 2. I really don't like most Inti Creates games, I don't even like their Mega Man games. I think the BMZ games are cool (mostly the second one), but aside from those, the two Curse of the Moon games are the big exception. They are just a ton of fun, and really challenge your knowledge of stages by making you replay them over and over with fewer skills, or just different skillsets entirely.
COTM2 is a much tougher game than the first one for better or worse. Stages that at first feel like they are designed specifically so only one specific character can get through them, really open up once you start cracking them open without that character. It's kinda hard to explain, but go into this game knowing that one "playthrough" isn't enough to really experience it. You need to unlock and try all the subsequent modes, which also opens up a bunch of new stages.

Dragon Quest XI, I'm not lying when I say this is the JRPG I've enjoyed the most since Chrono Trigger, which is massive. To be fair, I'm not big on most modern "JRPGs" in general, but this one just really captures that classic charm.
What really tipped me over however, is the combat system, which is simultaneously the most traditional basic turn based RPG combat you've ever seen, and also the most tactically engaging and satisfying I've tried possibly ever. You really do need every single skill at your disposal to make the correct decisions at every moment during super challenging boss fights. Right down to switching out active party members, status effects, items etc. Making the best of every single character action you have is essential as you try to turn the tables and get a foot ahead of the fights, rather than just trying to survive.
As I've said to everyone else playing DQXI, when you start the game (during name entry), you need to go into the "Draconian Quest Settings" and enable "Monsters are super strong", otherwise the game will be a tedious cakewalk. This setting can be disabled at any point during the game, but never enabled once the game has started, so don't sleep on it. It makes the difference between at 7/10 game and a 9/10 one.
Also, if you can, play the PS4 version instead of the Switch "S" version, but don't go out of your way to double dip if you already have the latter.

Some other games I have played but have a hard time recommending:

The Witcher III: This is a pretty good game, but it's also just like so many other open world AAA games out there. I wouldn't bother unless you really really just want to try it. The Witcher 2 did a more lot more to forge its own unique identity.
Xenogears: I used to really love this game, but it's super hard to recommend. It's like 100 hours, but feels like it should have been 300 hours. It has a lot of very good ideas, but they never work really well, mechanically. The story is super fascinating at first, but gets a lot more muddy the further into it you get. On the second disc, the game completely falls apart, and the devs basically glued a few completely disconnected scenes together with pure exposition dialogue. It's not that the game "feels" unfinished, it literally is unfinished, and it's not trying to hide it.
Final Fantasy XV: Speaking of unfinished games, boy is this one a mess. It's almost fascinating to see just how bad they are trying to make this resemble anything with a vision. There are very few moments in the game where you get to try what a real dungeon or boss fight should feel like, and it's enjoyable for those really short bursts. But most of the rest of the time you're just stuck following exposition through a story that's clearly missing 80% or more at least, anyway. It can be a fun game, but it's a trainwreck regardless.

Also these are games I've owned and had in my backlog for anything from ten or over twenty years at this point. Most if not all have even been listed in my backlog challenge several times, and I also want to get through them:
Brave Fencer Musashi, The Red Star, Tales of Symphonia, Black Flag
Hard to say if I'd recommend them, but I imagine I would 🤣
Same goes for these games which are all games I've ordered physical copies of, and are awaiting those before I get to play them:

The Talos Principle, Inscryption, Moonrider

First word that comes to mind:

  • Denmark Health care
  • USA Guns
  • UK Brexit
  • Japan Video games
  • Russia Vodka
  • Germany Lidl
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Sega MegaDrive
  • Microsoft SQL

Who would you like to see be interviewed?

I'd love to see @peg given his time in the spotsearchlights. 

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Great read! Although I definitely disagree with your take on the PSP. It’s a great handheld even if it does use discs and some have battery issues. Such a great library.

@Sumez we can both share Mulholland Drive 🙂 when I come to Denmark we can watch it together 😆
I’ve never known anyone else to know (let alone like) Einstürzende Neubauten. Very unexpected.

Also, congratulations for on the kid and good luck with everything 🙂 now it makes sense why you were MIA for a bit.

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Congrats on the addition of your new son!  May he live a happy, healthy life with your family!

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I mostly liked The Return, but it spent way too long on Dougie.

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8 hours ago, Brickman said:

Great read! Although I definitely disagree with your take on the PSP. It’s a great handheld even if it does use discs and some have battery issues. Such a great library.

I love the PSP, I just doesn't love the discs 🙂 both my psps are fortunately doing great on battery! 


8 hours ago, Brickman said:

@Sumez we can both share Mulholland Drive 🙂 when I come to Denmark we can watch it together 😆

It goes without saying, but if you ever actually are in the neighbourhood, do drop me a line. 

8 hours ago, Brickman said:

I’ve never known anyone else to know (let alone like) Einstürzende Neubauten. Very unexpected.

They are probably a bit more popular in Europe, but generally I think most people into alternative music would agree they are pretty influential. 🙂 I like a lot of different sorts of music (a cliche I know), and of course it's not a band I'd expect to discuss with any casual acquaintance, but if you're a music nerd I expect you to know them 😆

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8 hours ago, Brickman said:

I’ve never known anyone else to know (let alone like) Einstürzende Neubauten. Very unexpected

It's been a while since they were top of mind for me personally but I liked them a lot in the 90s/00s. 

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