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About this blog

This is just a blog for me to store my repair logs. I think it would be useful to others here if I post them as I am doing more arcade and pinball repairs.

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Sanyo 20EZ - Partial Collapse and Brightness issues

This was probably one of the nastier 20EZs I've worked on. I don't know what this thing's past life was but it was pretty rusty and coated in dirt. Regardless of how dirty it was, it will clean up fine. The problem is that the picture was screwed up. It was dim in and had partial vertical collapse. You can even see some waving. One thing that is super common on 20EZs is that the electrolytic capacitors go bad. This is especially common with the higher voltage (160V)

Vision Pro MTG-2901 - DOA/clicking

Monitor: Vision Pro MTG-2901 Symptoms: Completely dead, clicking when powered on Troubleshooting steps: Like with any monitor, the first thing I do is make a capacitor kit and replace all the capacitors on the chassis. Arcade monitors work long hours and have exceeded their life in many cases. This is especially important with these Happ and Vision Pro monitors, of which have terrible capacitors. Replacing the capacitors in this instance had no real effect on the issue. Upon

WG U5000 Monitor - Vertical Collapse

The U2000/U5000/K7*00 series of monitors are some of my least favorite monitors to work on. They produce a nice image when working, but that's the tough one, they have a lot of flaws. For example, they drive the neck transistors really hard, causing them to get really hot and singe the neck board, which makes it a nightmare to replace the transistors because the traces pull right up. It also has a pretty flawed design with the vertical deflection circuit. The way it derives the voltage for the t

Vision Pro MTG-1901 - No High Voltage

Quick fix on a monitor I picked up recently. When I got it, it would not power up fully. I noticed that I could hear chatter when I gave it a video signal, but ultimately got no neck glow (heater voltage) and I didn't hear any high voltage, so a serious power issue was happening. Upon closer examination, I noticed there were a couple capacitors that had bulged at the top, and that a transistor had gotten very hot, enough to singe the board. After replacing the two capacitors that

G07 Monitor flyback issues

This log is actually a two-for-one as it was for two seperate monitors (I've been in a monitor repairing mood as of late). G07 monitors are my absolute favorites to work on as they tend to be fairly reliable after being serviced. However, they seem to always have issues with their flybacks. To give a brief summary of what the flyback does, it is the transformer on the circuit board of the monitor that generates the high voltage needed to create a the beam that draws to the phosphors as well as o

Hantarex MTC-9000 - No picture/heater

So I recently picked up a Hantrarex MTC-9000 9" (manual says it's 10", but it's definitely a 9" tube) CRT. Initially, the tube had a lot of gunk, a chip on the face of it (not really visible in the pictures), and did not work initially. This thing was used most likely in a poker machine based on the burn on the screen. I love little CRTs like this, they make excellent test monitors and I think I am going to use it for a future project. Just as a general disclaimer, CRTs are very dangerous t

G07 Monitor - Kicked Neck++

This has been a project I've had for a while. Basically, I had aquired a g07 arcade monitor had it's necked, killing the tube. Being the nature of it, I really wanted to bring this thing back to life. For reference, I've had this project since the end of october, and I just now finally finished it, shows how behind I am... So the first step here, find a donor CRT. Compatible 19" tubes are starting to get harder to find. Fortunately, I had a broken tv set with a tube that had high life

G07 Monitor - no picture

Here was a quick repair I did last night. It was on a G07 arcade monitor that came out of a centipede cabinet. When tested on the bench, I got no picture whatsoever. Looking closely, I heard no high voltage and saw no neck glow. What's nice about the G07, is that it is one of the easiest monitors to work on, it is as simple as unplugging thing the yoke, degauss coil, and anode cup, then remove two screws. Afterwords the chassis will slide right out! This monitor was in pretty good shape, it seem

Happ SE-M21C - Horizontal Jitters

So this was a quick one. I got a monitor about a month ago as just a tube and chassis, as the original owner wanted to keep the frame. I assembled a new frame out of the sides of what I believe was the sides of a WG19K4900 and the base of a G07.  After it was all assembled again, I jst needed to test it. Looking at the screen, it was obvious that it had a case of the jitters. I also realized I plugged the yoke in the flipped image plug.  After looking closly at it, I notice

Sanyo 20EZ Chasis - Burning up R471

Symptoms: 20EZ losing high voltage and is burning up the resistor R471 and was blowing the 300mA fuse. Solution: replaced the burnt resistor, checked the HOT to make sure that was still good. HOT tested bad, so replaced with a NTE89. Fired it back up again, same results. Afterwords I swapped the flyback as that can cause the same issues (and I had one off a working chassis on hand), this solved the issue. Chassis is now working just fine and is ready to roll again.
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